The gifts of summer

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The season of Summer brings abundant gifts!

Summer inspires laughter, passion, playfulness, connectedness, maturation and expansiveness.

To fully take these gifts into practice, consider extending yourself into the world in a new way. Introduce yourself or reconnect with those who live and work around you. Say hello to people who meet your eyes. Or notice 3 new things about a person you see everyday. Notice new qualities. Ask yourself, 'How does life show up differently, when I look at the world differently?'

Through the season of Summer, we are reminded to look at the world with the eyes of a child. These practices come through the Chinese Five Elements philosophy of Wu Xing (wŭ ching) which are "primarily concerned with process and change". Each Conduit for Change newsletter highlights gifts and mindfulness practices of the new season. Enjoy!

Hello and happy summer!

For me, I'm grateful for the warmth, wildflowers, bluebirds, farmers market and a beach trip or two. I'm also grateful for the opportunity to write this newsletter, which calls for time to reflect on how much has unfolded over the months.

A coaching client recently commented how profound her experience with coaching is with me. "I can't believe it!", she said. "Two sessions and my whole life is shifting! It's AMAZING!" These are the incredible changes I witness, month after month. For me, it's profoundly humbling, for others, it's life-changing, for both it's a beautiful reminder of how interconnected we all are.

As I move closer towards completing my M.A. in Health and Wellness Coaching, I'm regularly given new gifts and nuggets each and every time I meet with cohorts for class. A powerful reminder from the teachings of science, is that the mind is the #1 mechanism running the show. If you think you're suffering, you will suffer. If you think you're broke, you will live poor. If you think you're healthy, loved, blessed or otherwise-- you will BE healthy, loved, blessed or otherwise. The cells of the body react and respond to that which is thought. Thoughts become things. Thoughts become our perceived reality.

One who has suffered for so long, takes one step towards changing her life and her whole situation is seen differently , unfolding an entire new reality for her. That's good stuff and a journey I love and am honored to share with her. How can you shift your thinking today?

What's Happening Next?! . . . get out your calenders!

ART in the Garden- June 28th at WellFed Community Garden- Raleigh, NC

Women's Seaside Retreat - Emerald Isle, NC

P. L. A. Y. - October 25 1-5pm in Raleigh, NC

Destination Retreat in Belize?!! Keep your eyes out for the news and if you're interested, pop me an email, so, you'll be the first the know! :)

May your day and season be filled with joy, abundance and awesome!
Love and light,

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