"The No Guitar Blues"

By:Gary Soto


The main characters in the story "The No Guitar Blues" is Fuasto he's a Mexican boy who wants to be on a show called "American bandstand".


The problem is that he wants to be on a show called "American Bandstand",but he doesnt have the guitar and he doesnt have the money to buy the guitar 'so one day he was walking down the street and found a dog named Rogerand hee took it back to home to his owner and to see if he would get a reward for taking the dog back and see if he could buy his guitar.

Main Events

"Money doesn't grow on trees"


After all I thought the story was a good becuase it shows that if you want something you have to earn it like Fuasto told his mom to buy him the guitar but his mom told him no becuase she didnt have the money.

Jessica Ferreyra