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Edutopia Article: Teacher Collaboration-When Belief Systems Collide

'Let me be clear about one thing -- it's not "bad" for a staff to hold different ideological positions. In fact, it can benefit a school staff to hold diverse perspectives. It's just that when we're not clear about where we're all coming from, or which beliefs are determining our decision-making, conflict can arise."





This website is aimed at social studies and science teachers, but would be a good resource anyone looking for a NON-FICTION story if you were trying to work on the big questions.

They have the book for you to read, but a nice feature is that there is a video to go along with it that gives you the "Whole Truth". There is also a READ ALONG feature.

Tech Tips Every Teacher Should Know

There’s a common misconception that new teachers are much better with technology because they have been using it for most of their lives. As a technology director for a public school system, I am here to tell you that the perception is not as accurate as you might think. In my experience, new teachers are more comfortable with everyday technologies such as email, social media, and smart phones. They are often very inexperienced when it comes to educational technologies though. Here are a few bits of technology advice for teachers about to start their first year in the classroom.

Helpful Hints:

1. Always have a backup plan

2. Check Your Links!!

3. Don't force it-making it meaningful

4.Don't recreate the wheel

5. Take Advantage of Social Media

6. Implement a Learning Management System

7. Give Student a Choice

8. Ask for Help!

Full Article with explanations of the list above:

Use Mobymax Better

Did you find your lesson on Mobymax but frustrated because the kids don't see the connection between what you are doing, and what is asking because it's formatted just a little different.

They have came up with the solution. When you login to Moby there is now a tab called whiteboard activities, and it lets you select problems from any curriculum and put practice problems together as a lesson you can go over before you release the kids to their individual practice.

Hope this helps! Also if you'd like to use Mobymax I can help you get it set up.