Thieves, Bandits, and Bad People!

By: Patrick Murphy and Jacob Powers

Meet the outlaws of the 1930's

Outlaws are similar to their counter part gangstas. They are seen as legends to people now. The following are some of the "great" outlaws.

Bonnie and Clyde- Everyone has heard of Bonnie and Clyde, if not, get out from under your rock.

"Pretty Boy" Floyd- Floyd was a bank robber from the 30's he was widely known at the time but his name didn't last throughout the years so we haven't really heard much about him. He mainly operated in the Midwest during his time.

Learn the language of the gangstas of the 30's

They had their own language back then. At the bottom of the page is am embedded link to see all of the weird, funny slang they used for just normal things we would say today.

Some of our worst criminals

Guaranteed to shock and wow

Infamous gangstas of the time

John Dillinger- Responsible for 2 dozen bank robberies, deaths of many cops, and escaped prison, twice. People had him visioned as some sort of "warped" Robin Hood.

Al Capone- He was a major crime boss for seven years. His career started when he was 33. When he was sent to Alcatraz he had made quite the name for himself and was worth about $100,000,000 and was responsible for countless murders.

"Lucky" Luciano- Luciano split New York City into 5 crime families. He also initiated The Commission.which served as a governing body for orginazed crime nationwide.

We are partners in crime now

If you talk about what you saw here, ever, we will personally "take out the trash" I think you know what that means...