Andrew Jackon

villain or a hero

growing up

Andrew Jackson was born in 1767 in a poor family his father died before he was born. he had a hot temper and would pick fight easily. He joined the army when he was 13 later he was captured by a British officer and he told Jackson to clean his boots Jackson responded with no and the British officer slashed him with his sword leaving a scar on Jacksons face that he would carry the rest of his life.

Trating american Indians

When Jackson was in office he wanted to expand the american territory and order the native Americans to give the settlers there land in exchange for money and protection some tribes refused to move so they had to be removed by military force and could not take anything except the clothes they were wearing. Jackson sent them to Indian reservations but to get there they had to walk on the trail of tears that what people call it today because over 4,000 Indians died on the long journey to the reservations it was cold and a lot of Indians staved to death and Jackson just seamed to not care.
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Hero or a Villain

Jackson died in 1845 and but before he died he started to feel guilty for what he did to the american Indians. i think Jackson is a hero and a villain he is a villain for what he did to the american Indians but i think hes also a hero for fighting bravely in the war of 1812 and standing up for the common people and farmers. So at the end Jackson was a hero and a villain to me.

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