All About Me

Jacob Holcombe

Biltmore Estate Blacksmith playing music on the Anvil
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Survival is a quality because when i was little I always been fascinated by it. I like survival because you are alone and have to rely on yourself. I didn't really like it until a few years ago. My family went camping and i saw a guy who looked like he was trying to survive. He had very little supplies and went into the woods. I like the fact that its just you and the terrain, you have to work and do everything with no help. When i first started to like it me and a friend would go camping a lot more. We started to spend a lot more time in the woods and was learning skills like fire building, camp making, scavenging. Survival is a quality that i want to make better.
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  • My older Brother
  • Mrs. Bell
  • My grandpa
  • My dad