Elginburg & District Public School

August 24th, 2020

Dear Families,

Elginburg is committed to a safe healthy return for all, focused on the well-being of students, staff and families. In this memo you will find a lot of information about our return to school. As we get closer to re-entry and more information becomes available, I will continue to share via newsletters. All newsletters and memos will be emailed through our School Messenger system, posted to our website, and tweeted.

Please note the important section entitled STAGGERED ENTRY.

If you continue to have questions, please contact me at duncanm@limestone.on.ca or by phone at (613) 305-4601. We may not have all the answers right away, but we will work together with the School Board, our Public Health partners, and school personnel to find answers to all your questions. Families will play a very important role this year in keeping everyone safe and healthy, and we thank you in advance for your support and cooperation as we work together to ensure a great return to school for everyone.


Mrs. Duncan

Staggered Entry

LDSB has announced that schools will stagger student entry over the first 6 days of school.

Regular school will apply and buses will run as usual. Your child's teacher will call you next Tuesday, September 1st or Wednesday, September 2nd to tell you whose class you are in.

Staggered entry will create smaller classes for teachers so they can thoroughly...

  • teach new routines
  • practice safety protocols
  • develop habits around entering and exiting the school
  • learn where the recess zones are located
  • find their morning and end of recess meeting spots
  • complete diagnostic assessments in reading and math (helpful given the 6 month break from school)

*In classes a few of our classes A-L and M-Z is not an even split. You may receive a call from Cheryl or your child's teacher to request you switch to the other grouping.

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Safety Practices

In order to enhance safety, schools will focus on keeping students in their classroom cohorts at all times. Frequent hand washing/sanitizing, masking and limited shared supplies will also help keep our students safe. The full updated Health and Safety Guidelines are available at https://www.limestone.on.ca/board/school_reopening_2020 .

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Families MUST self-screen daily for COVID-19 symptoms. Students who are ill must stay home.
  • LDSB and Public Health are developing a protocol for students/staff who develop symptoms during the day. The protocol will ensure privacy and dignity of the individual while prioritizing the health and safety of the individual, class, and school.
  • Families must have a plan to pick up their child if symptoms develop during the school day.
  • In the event of a COVID-19 case at Elginburg & District Public School, information will be shared the class cohort/school community following KFLA Public Health protocol/direction.
  • Students will remain with their class for the entire school day, including lunch and recess.
  • Students in Grades 4-8 are required to wear a mask while indoors. Students in Kindergarten to grade 3 are strongly encouraged to wear masks. All staff are required to wear masks indoors. Exceptions to masking for staff and students in grades 4-8 are for medical reasons only.
  • Students will wash/sanitize before and after recess, before nutrition breaks and after going to the washroom.
  • Students in grades 1-8 will have a seating plan
  • To begin the school year, shared spaces such as the library and gym will not be used. This will be reviewed regularly throughout the fall. Gym class will continue as usual outside.
  • Classes will be encouraged to take learning outside as much as possible in the fall! We will also encourage water play on HOT days!
  • Students will use the washrooms as usual throughout the day with an emphasis on washing our hands carefully. There will be occupancy limits on the washroom doors and circles to stand on to wait your turn.
  • Water fountains will only be used as water refilling stations. All students should bring a labeled water bottle.
  • Hallway travel will be limited. Students will travel on the right hand side of the hallways.

Please Return Technology

We are so glad you were able to use the school iPads and chromebooks for the past 6 months but we need them back! Our in class learning depends on them!

Please put the device in your child's backpack on the first day of school. We will collect them and disinfect them.

Don't forget the cord!

Modified Recess and Lunch Times

Basic premise of this years timetabling: Each class (example: Grade 4/5) is called a cohort. Cohorts will not be interacting with other cohorts on the yard, while eating or in the school.

The school has also been divided into two parts. Half will eat then go out for recess and the other half will go out for recess and then eat. This will ease hallway congestion and make recess more relaxed and fun!

Recess areas will be in a rotation, so all children will get a chance to experience every part of our amazing yard.

  1. Climbers and Stage
  2. Soccer Field
  3. Gazebo, ball diamond and volleyball net
  4. Pavement

Each recess students will rotate from one area to the next. Hand sanitizer will be used before they leave the school for recess and at the end of recess.

Kindergarten classes will stay in the kindergarten enclosure and alternate times outside

8:50 - 9:05 Yard Supervision begins

  • If you are dropping your child off please arrive as close to 9:05 as possible.

  • Each morning the students will meet in the back yard at their classroom's designated spot. It will be marked with the teachers name. We will send out a video in the days prior to school opening to show you a visual tour of where to meet on the yard.

  • Teachers will contact you before the first day of school so you know whose class you are in.

  • Classes will enter the school one at a time in a predetermined order to ensure each class is socially distanced

9:05 - Classes Commence

9:05 Classroom Instruction (100 minutes of learning)

10:45-11:05 Lunch or Recess

11:05-11:10 Transition Time

11:10-11:30 Lunch or Recess

11:30 - 1:10 Classroom Instruction (100 minutes of learning)

1:10 -1:30 Lunch or Recess

1:30 -1:35 Transition Time

1:35 -1:55 Lunch or Recess

1:55 - 3:35 Classroom Instruction (100 minutes)

3:35 Dismissal - Classes will line up in the classroom and be dismissed one at a time to ease the congestion in the front of the school. Parents will be asked to be socially distanced from each other as they await their children. Please stay clear of the bus door areas.

Tentative Classroom Organization

Organization is TENTATIVE due to fluctuating numbers. Parents will be informed of any necessary changes next week when the Limestone Board staffing process completes the staffing process.

Your child's teacher will give you a call before school starts to tell you whose class your child is in as of September 3rd. There could be classroom changes further into the month of September.

Principal M. Duncan

Office Manager C. McLean

Student Support E. LaRochelle

French J. Furst

French P. LeBlanc

JK/SK T. Robinson

JK/SK S. Wood & J. Hasler

Gr. 1 C. Koss

Gr. 1/2 S. Burns

Gr. 2/3 R. Wadman-Mills

Gr. 3/4 J. Guild

Gr. 4/5 J. Jerreat & B. MacKinnon

Gr. 5/6 S. Seiveright

Gr. 6/7 L. Gillott

Gr. 7/8 T. Bush

Planning Time TBD

Spec. Ed. C. Carter

Educational Assistant C. Edmunds

Educational Assistant M. Asselstine

Educational Assistant S. Newbury Reilly

Educational Assistant S. Russell

Custodian R. Harding

Custodian C. Schonauer

Access to School

Access to the school building will be restricted to students and staff.

If your child is arriving after the start of the school day, use the outdoor buzzer and your child will be signed in.

If your child needs to leave early for an appointment, please contact the school office ahead of time, so we can have your child/ren ready.

If will be very important to have children at school on time this year, and where possible schedule appointments outside of school hours. We want to keep children safe by having the least amount of movement throughout the school.

What to Bring?

At least for the beginning of the year, students' items like backpacks and coats, will be kept at their desk. For this reason, students should minimize what they bring from home. Separate indoor and outdoor shoes are not required but can be brought. Please ensure your child's shoes are closed toed and appropriate for outdoor gym class. If it is raining; another pair of shoes would be ideal.

Students will need:

  • lunch
  • water bottle
  • change of clothes if they don't like being wet (we will have some water fun on hot days)
  • masks
  • pencil cases with supplies are recommended so students are not tempted to share items
  • Label all of your child's belongings; including masks


We have been working with our partners at Tri-Board Transportation to develop safety protocols for student transportation.

If you were on a bus last year, you are set up for busing this year. If you are new to Elginburg you need to fill out the bus form at https://triboard.ca/

Please visit https://triboard.ca/covid19/ for the latest protocols and expectations for riders and families.

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