Jesse Owens

Olympic Legend


Jesse was the seventh child to be born. His name was James Cleveland when he was born. Later a schoolteacher game him the name that would be use all over the world. The teacher thought it was "Jesse". Jesse set many record when he was in junior high school. He work many job to take care of himself and his wife. Jesse got a chance to be in the Big Ten Championships in Ann arbor. After that he entered the 1936 Olympics.

impact on America

He became a role model for american because he was successful.His Victory over Hitler gave hope to Americans not only to win a soon coming war, but for racial change too. African American Personal status did not change but the personal and group identities, come into play with the Olympics. Jesse was the first African American to be in the south newspapers.

Boycott the Olympics

When United States went to Germany. The NAACP and the AAU didn't want they to participate in the Olympics and wanted to boycott them.Owen didn't want to boycott. His reason is because many African American athletes were being excluded from the Sugar Bowl due to there skin color. He say " why should he combat Germany for doing something we do in our nation.He changed the mind of the NAACP and AAU decision of boycotting the olympics.