World Traveling Relay

Ultraviolet by R.J. Anderson, Science Fiction

If you want to go any where in the universe today, What you need is a relay!

"The boy arrived safely at his destination, and spent a couple of days exploring and making discoveries without suffering..."
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Alison's world is turned upside down when she is accused of murder.

Sometimes in life, people have problems. There are many different problems people have. Maybe you didn't get that A+ you were hoping for, or your friend is grounded all weekend, or your dad has to work late. So if it's twenty degrees outside and you want to go to the Sunny, eighty-five degree weather, it's a little bit hard to find time, and the money, and the supervision... Everyone has problems, but problems are meant to have a resolution. But, what if you could travel anywhere in the universe, anytime you wanted? You and your friend could use the relay to go to Disney World for the weekend, or your dad could use it to go on a relaxing vacation to get his mind off his stressful work! A relay can send you anywhere you wanted, anytime and with a click of a button, you could be there in less than 10 seconds! It could even send objects, so if you had a sick grandma, you could send your grandma a letter and have it get there in less than 10 seconds, and land on her lap for her to read. A relay sends any person or thing to anyplace. You just use your imagination, and it can happen with the relay.

How it is used in ULTRAVIOLET

In Ultraviolet, Alison uses the relay to go to another planet, to clear her name of murder. As her and Dr. Faraday were searching for the relay where Alison killed Tori, the relay accidentally sends them to Dr. Faraday's home planet, where Tori actually was, she wasn't dead. So Alison wasn't a murderer.