US Congressman - 4th District of IN

Passionate, Principled, Conservative

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Core Beliefs - Who I Am

Foreign Policy

Corey Ebert believes in the strength and fortitude of the US Military. Our first priority is to protect the citizens of the US. Our second priority to protect our interests in the economic and political markets worldwide.

Economic Policy

Corey Ebert believes in business. The role of the US Government is to allow our intelligent, hard-working business owners, entrepreneurs, and workers to flourish in a robust marketplace that emphasizes freedom of choice and opportunity. He will work hard to cut out the ties of government regulation that are currently binding our businesses across this land.

Town Hall Meeting

Thursday, May 28th 2015 at 7pm

Avon High School Auditorum

Come hear how Corey will represent you as a valuable trustee in congress. As someone who has been vested in this community his entire life, he will serve you well by representing the values that YOU believe, because they are what HE believes.

About Corey

Corey Ebert started his path towards public service in the humble suburb of Avon, Indiana. After Graduating from the Midwest's best college, Butler University, he spent years as an educator, shaping the minds and hearts of his students. His commitment to community runs deep and will continue in his role as your next US Representative. He currently resides in Avon with his beautiful wife Erin, and precious daughter, Brenna.