The US and Canada's Relationship

By:Marcos Vasquez

The United States and Canada's Relations

Social: There are many cultures in the U.S. and Canada that are alike, for instance, the U.S. and Canada both have 70 percent of their population is Christian. Unlike the U.S. , Canada has healthcare that is delivered through a publicly-funded healthcare system. Because it is easier for the people of the country to afford and use. Also due to the fact that in the late 19th and early 20th century around 900,000 French Canadians moved to the U.S.. Canada still has a significant amount of people, 34,082,000 people in fact.

Economic: The U.S. and Canada share the world's largest and most complete trading relationship. Due to the fact that they both have the same thoughts and opinions about trading between each other. But one negative factor is that Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy and the U.S. is a Democracy, which could lead to a bad relationship due to the fact that they both may one day disagree with each other over the fact of their two different governments.

Political: The U.S. and Canada share two borders and their relationship is one of the closest and most vast in the world. This is caused by the trade ( more than $2 billion a day in goods and services). Trading between the U.S. and Canada has solved a lot of conflict and problems that could occur if they both didn't trade. Like after the war of 1812 the border was demilitarized to keep from anymore conflict.


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