Bridgit Mendler

"Ready or not" but here's Bridgit Mendler

How did she get started?

Bridgit was born in Washington, DC on December 18th 1992. She didn't realize her dream of singing and acting until she moved to the west coast right outside of San Francisco California in 2000. The first role Bridgit booked was voicing a character in "The Legend of Buddha" as Lucy. From there she kept going, auditioning only for roles she thought she would be good to play. After that she caught a break. Before she had only been doing local productions, then she was asked to act in "General Hospital", Bridgit was beyond excited.

Albums, Songs, Awards

As of right now, Bridgit has out 4 albums; Hello my Name is... , Live in London, Ready or not, Hurricane Remixes. Hello my Name is... was her first album. She had trouble trying to think of a name so she listened to all of her songs and found those words and said "Well this is perfect because I am a new artist and I think that this is good album for people to get to know me better." Bridget must be a hit, because she has 29 songs released. Ready or not, Hurricane, Blonde, Hang in There Baby, Determinate, 5:15, Forgot to Laugh, Love Will Tell us Where to Go, More than a Band, All I see is Gold, Top of the world, The Fall Song, Rocks at my Window, How to Believe, I'm Gonna Run to You, This is my Paradise, Somebody, Postcard, Hold on for Dear Love, City Lights, Livin' on a High Wire, Turn up the Music, Summertime, We're Dancing, My song for You, Quick Sand, Breakthrough, Here We Go, and When she Loved Me. Now, Bridgit has one award, "Radio DIsney Music Award for Best Acoustic Performance". Wow!

Background Information and Facts

After voicing "The Legend of Buddha", Bridgit went on acting as a guest star on "General Hospital", then she played Kristen Gregory in "The Clique". Around 2012, Bridgit signed the Disney contract, her first acting role was a recurring character on "Wizards of Waverly Place" Juliet Van Heusen. Next, she auditioned to play Sonny Monroe on "Sonny with a Chance", but was beat out by Demi Lovato. Then, she starred on "Good Luck Charlie" as the older sister Teddy. After she played in those TV shows, she started doing Disney Channel Original Movies, she played Olivia White in "Lemonade Mouth", and she played Teddy on "Good Luck Charlie, it's Christmas". Bridgit's career kept spirling upwards. Later she acted in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2.
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