By: Esrome.K and Cameron More

Animals in Guatemala

Here is a list of some of the animals in Guatemala:

'Big Deer Mouse

'Jewel Scarab Beetles

'Guatemalan Black Iguana

Gray fox

Eyra cat

Central american cacomistle

American jackal

Hooded skunk

Eastern spotted skunk

Common hog-nosed skunk

Greater grison




Long-tailed weasel




Northern raccoon

La plata otter


The Capital of Guatemala

The capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City
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Major Physical Features in Guatemla

Some major physical features of Guatemala are :

The Pacaya Volcano May 2010, the Pacaya volcano last erupted, The Serra Madre and Lake Atitlán.

Major language/religion

The major language in Guatemala is Spanish and the major religion is Roman Catholic

Distinctive Cultural Traits

Food: Paches(tortillas manly stuffed potatoes and partly with meat) all food in Guatemala consists of corn.

Clothing: For women in Guatemala trajes tÍpicos means a traditional outfit valued at hundreds of dollars. The typical traje is made up of three main pieces: the huipil, an embroidered blouse; the corte, a wraparound woven skirt piece; and the faja, a belt that wraps around and secures the corte in place. For men they were shirts hand woven and they have lined designs put on the front and back and on the arms but not on the insides then they were traditional trousers.

Architecture:Guatemala has a Guatemala City Architectural Walk, in Guatemala City it has

1) Santuario de Guadalupe is one of the churches in Guatemala its considered the most beautiful church in Guatemala City.

2)National Palace of Culture it is considered the gem of Guatemala.

Ceremonies:Mayan/Guatemalan priests and special guests celebrated the Fire Ceremony on December 21 in the ancient city of Tikal, Guatemala to welcome the first rays of the sun and the beginning of a new era(year).


Guatemala exports: Coffee, sugar, bananas and other fruits, vegetable, and cardamom(different types of spices) and 40.2% of Guatemala's Imports are from the U.S.

Who Colonized Guatemala

Spanish men conquered and colonized Guatemala


.The Guatemalan Civil War ran from 1960 to 1996.

GDP Per Capita

Guatemala's GDP Per Capita is $5,300

Fun Facts

Guatemala City has the largest metropolitan population (2.5 million) between Mexico and Colombia.

Guatemalans call their country "The Land of Eternal Spring."


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