Middle School Tech

March 2016

Do you lose things? This little gadget is for you!

Tile - the world's largest lost and found - wallet finder and key tracker app

Get your students debating!


This is an interactive website for debate!

Add your opinions instantly. Read other's responses.

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Teaching English with Technology


This is a jackpot of resources for ELA teachers!

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Plickers: Quick way to check for understanding

Hour of Code: What's it all about?

You've undoubtedly heard of the "Hour of Code," but what is it, and what's the big deal?

For students, the ability to code is taking on a level of importance that we could never have imagined. Computer programming is becoming more basic in literacy than memorizing facts. You can "Google" nearly everything, but learning and understanding programming is vitally important for everyone. If students are going to use technology like cell phones, digital toys, computers, and anything else technologically related, they must also understand it.

Programming is taking over our homes, our families, our schools, and yes, even the world. For students to be competitive in world markets, they must be able to bring new ideas to life through technology. Programming helps create future designers, engineers, and builders.


Even though you may already be familiar with "Hour of Code," here is a quick video about the reasons to introduce our students to coding.

CNET News - 'Hour of Code' to teach kids as young as 5 to program

Made with Code/Google


Design clothing, create games, make music, make art, create sparkling jewelry, design a website, or make a poster.

Click here to see more project ideas: https://www.madewithcode.com/other-projects/

Consider sponsoring a club to help tap into the design ideas of our students!