Welcome to Acura

By: Michael Furry

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Country of Acura

The country of Acura is a medium-sized island that has rivers, hills, lakes and is surrounded by an ocean. We are a country of 35 million people. Our primary language is Spanish but everyone in school has to learn four more languages. They can choose from German, Swedish, British, Irish, Dutch, Arabic, Jamaican, Japanese, and Brazilian. Everyone is required to attend school up to the age of 18. At the age of 20 only boys must join the military. After the military every bodies college education is paid by the government. Everyone in the country has to pay 50% for health care. The retirement age for women is 60 but for men it is 65. Everyone pays 35% of their salary in taxes.

Six Freedoms

1. Freedom of speech

2. Freedom of religion

3. Freedom to have medical marijuana

4. Freedom of sexuality

5. Freedom of worship

6. Freedom of petition

Four things that are illgal

1. Murder

2. Robbery

3. Sexual assault

4. Having regular marijuana

Type of Government

My government is a Representative Democracy. Citizens elect a President every 4 and half years, (the other half of a year is used to elect a new President). To run for President you must be a citizen with a crime free background. Men must be 25 - 65 years old to run, Women must be 25 - 55.

System of Government

The system of government that I chose is unitary system. I chose unitary system because in my country I want all of the power to be in the central government. I also want a unitary system because I want the national government to manage local governments.

Type of Economy

The economy is Socialism. People have control over themselves. They can only create or destroy things they own. People can make their own buissnesses and the goverment, if company is need of help, will provide them with what they need help with

Fun things to do in Acura

1. Monthly 5k

2. Every year there is big harvest at the center of Acura

3. Pet races every six months( any pets can participate)

4. Every year there is a Acura 500 race with the fastest cars in Acura

5. Every two months there is a big fishing tournament in the ocean that surrounds Acura