Amazing country

About Bolivia

Bolivia is an amazing and quite fasinating country. Their is a lot to do in Bolivia including one of the most famous vacation destinations in Bolivia sucre (the capital). Including traditions that no other countries have!


The population in Bolivia as of 2011 is 10.67 million and is increasing a lot. As of 2015 the population rate is 11.024 million. That means that it is increasing at about .0885 each year! This country is already big and is still getting bigger.
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Significance of flag

The Bolivian flag represents a lot of their cultures history. They have red, yellow, and green on their flag and they each mean something. Red represents bravery and blood shed from their army for fighting for their country. Yellow represents wealth and resources their country has. Green represents fertility and richness of Bolivias natural areas.
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Bolivia has a leader like we do a president, also a well founded government. Their leader is Evo Morales which leads the Bolivian government which is the republic of Bolivia.
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Cultural activities

Bolivia has any cultural activities in which many include holidays. In fact Bolivia has a lot more holidays than the U.S. Bolivia makes holidays out of everything that happens there. That includes many festivals almost everyday and finding something to celebrate if their isn't a festival. They are very happy people!
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Bolivias currency is very different than the U.S. For every dollar there it equals .14$ in American money. This means that things are more expensive in Bolivia than in the United States
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Bolivian food

Bolivia has a lot of different foods than America. These include Ají, a spicy sauce that contains tomatoes, cilantro, peppers, and onions. Chairo, a soup with potatoes, lamb meat, and cow meat mixed into it. Fritanga, extremely hot platter with pork belly, pork ribs, and yellow potatoes. And locro, potato cheese soup with vegetables and meats mixed in.
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Tourist attractions

Bolivia has many tourist attractions but their are some that are better than others such as, La Paz, capital of Bolivia and the center of the city so you can go anywhere in the city. Sorata, mountain resort with a view of the city looking down and the ocean. And Yangas Road, road on the edge of a mountain. Extremely dangerous to drive on.
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