News from Mrs. Breslin's Room

Week of 11/15/15

Reminders for the week

There are not too may events going on around the room this week. This week is Book Swap week so remember to bring in your books. Also, we will be getting a new student in a few days! The kids are exciting and she will be a great addition to our classroom. We will make her feel welcome to our room and to her new school!

We are getting to that time of year where sicknesses are going around which also means we are starting to get low on a few things. If at any time, you would like to donate supplies to our class, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here are a few things we are getting low on:

Kleenex, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, and extra snacks for the room.


Upcoming Events

11/16-20 Book Swap

11/20 - Braggin Rights BB game – 7pm @ RSHS

11/23 - Fall Classroom Parties

11/25-11/27 – No School

11/30 – School Resumes

12/4 – PTO Winter Wonderfest – 6-7:30pm

12/7-10 – Adventure Club Stuffed Animal Drive

12/9 – Special Chorus Singing Tour – 9am-2pm

12/10 – Early Dismissal

12/18 – Early Dismissal