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Welcome February

"Let us welcome February and take every chance to show love to all we meet!"

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I'm not just February

With winds that blow

All day, and piled-up snow;

I'm Washington and Lincoln, too,

Who kept our country's flag for you!

I'm Valentine of airy grace—

With golden hearts and hearts of lace

And pretty cards that people send,

Quite as a secret, to a friend.

Though I am short of days and small,

I'm quite a big month, after all!

-Annette Wynne

Happy Valentines Day

When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.

Did you know that thinking about all you have to appreciate can boost your happiness and your overall sense of well‑being?

The Effects of Gratitude Last Longer Than You Think:

Feeling and expressing gratitude can make you happy in the moment—just think back to the joy you felt the last time a friend helped you out or your partner cooked a gourmet dinner—and a growing mound of evidence shows that giving thanks can also have a lasting effect on your mood. Studies have shown that people who wrote and delivered a heartfelt thank-you letter actually felt happier for a full month after, and the same researchers discovered that writing down three positive events each day for a week kept happiness levels high for up to six months.

Tools for Thankfulness:

So how can you cultivate a growing sense of gratitude—and its positive side-benefits—on your own? It turns out that the tools used by psychologists in research studies—namely a gratitude journal and some thank-you notes—are some of the best ones for boosting gratitude both in and out of the lab. By writing down positive things that happen to you and actively acknowledging those who have helped you, you become better at recognizing the good in your life, which naturally helps you feel more grateful and thankful more often.

What Grateful People Have in Common:

Of course, the actual goal is not to have a notebook full of your declarations of gratitude, but rather to make gratitude a default feeling. It is said that there are four primary characteristics of grateful people, and these are the ones that thank-you notes and a gratitude journal can help tap, strengthen, and invigorate. People who experience the most gratitude (and therefore the positive effects) tend to:

· Feel a sense of abundance in their lives

· Appreciate the contributions of others to their well‑being

· Recognize and enjoy life's small pleasures

· Acknowledge the importance of experiencing and expressing gratitude

Train Your Brain for Gratitude:

Whether or not these attitudes come to you naturally, paying attention to life's positives can train you to see more and more of them, which will help you, learn to be more grateful. You might feel blessed that good weather allowed you to get out for an afternoon run, that a stranger lent a helping hand, that you made it to the bus on time, or that your kids offered to do the dishes. Acknowledging these things will help you cultivate an attitude of gratitude—and with it, a boost in happiness that will last year-round.

As we sit and reflect on things we have discovered over the past year, some thoughts came to mind. With the pandemic setting in early last year, we have been able to transition to a way of life some of us possibly never imagined.

Thanks to the little zoom boxes; more people are learning each other’s names than seen before.

We see each other in a different context. Normally we leave our homes and enter into other sectors of life whether it be work, school or maybe a place of worship. Now we get to see glimpses of each other’s homes and by doing so we get to know each other in a more personal way.

Families are generally together more. Gone are some of the unceasing pressures of scheduling ourselves and our kids into oblivion. Families are spending more time together. We are learning together more so now than ever before.

We are more connected to one another across the globe than before. We have been able to collaborate with family, friends, and coworkers that we might not have dreamed of being able to reach a year ago.

We are all watching each other learn. Kids are watching parents learn and work and parents are watching their kids and being more a part of their lives than ever before.

The art of conversation is front and center. Normally many of us talk at once, side conversations take place, and people leave and enter the room. Now we are practicing the art of listening and sharing in even more intentional ways.

However, there are still a few things that I still really miss. The hubbub and excitement of choirs and bands blending voices and instruments in harmony as beautiful music is made. Hugs, sitting with a friend sharing a cup of tea and meaningful conversation about hopes and dreams. Seeing the stands and auditoriums filled with people at events that to them are important within their personal lives and community. These are a few of the silver linings I look forward to again.


Hope you are staying safe and warm. Hope you are enjoying your winter…that sentiment probably sounding a bit odd…to enjoy a winter. I must admit that our family does truly enjoy winter. Don’t get me wrong we do enjoy looking at travel magazines and internet sites and yes, dreaming of a nice vacation at the outer banks or a nice ocean front area where we can take a long walk on the beach. What a weather pattern of events we have had. Lots of rain and even some very foggy days. The temperature has been a bit on the colder side. As always, we get the variation of weather with one day climbing into the upper 60s and then right back to the upper 40s for a high the next day. Good season to either go out and join winter, or huddle inside by the fireplace with a hot chocolate and a good book. My strategy is to always look as though I have just come in, while never actually going out. At the same time January was a gentle reminder of just how beautiful winter can be. The beauty of the Red Cardinals and Carolina Wrens have kept us in awe. As they perch outside our windows they are a reminder that our loved ones are keeping watch over us. The gentle cover of white snow on the mountain tops will always fill our hearts with sweet clarity. The cold helps us to think more clearly. It helps us in making decisions and staying calm. There is just something about a good cold evening climbing into bed and wrapping up in blankets for a long winters night.

Many hugs - stay safe and warm.

With Love,

Did you know that February is the shortest month of the year? The Welsh call February “y mis bach” which means “little month”. It is the third month of winter. In the Southern Hemisphere February is a summer month the equivalent of August.

February is the month of purification.

The largest American sporting event of the year, the Super Bowl, is held in February.

February 2 is Groundhog Day. We find out whether winter wi8ll last six more week or call it quits early.

February 4th is National Thank a Mail Carrier Day.

February 12 is the start of Random Acts of Kindness Week.

February 14 is Valentine’s Day. Today is the holiday that celebrates love, flowers and chocolate.

February 15 is Presidents Day. This is a federal holiday also known as Washington’s Birthday that is celebrated on the third Monday in February.

February 16 is the start of Mardi Gras also known as “Fat Tuesday” or Shrove Tuesday.

February 27 is Full Moon. It is known as the Snow Moon. February on average has the heaviest snow fall of the year leaving it known as the Snow Moon. February is the only month where it is possible to go the entire month without a full moon.

Aquarius and Pieces are zodiac signs for the month.

The Violet and Primrose are birth flowers for the month of February.

Amethyst is the birthstone for the month.

The odds of being born on February 29 are about 1 in 1,461.

February, March and November always start on the same day of the week unless it is leap year.

The entire month of February is InCoWriMo, during which thousands of people from all over the world pledge to write a letter a day.

February is African-American History Month. This month we pay tribute to the generations of African Americans who struggled with adversity to achieve full citizenship in American Society.

Psychic Medium Within

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You can now order my book!

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I would love to ask a favor. Would you mind taking a few minutes to review the book. This can help others understand what to expect when purchasing the book.

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Tarot of the Month


The month of January has an emotional charged energy of passion. Passion for life, love and the possibility of the fantasy. We can love our life but still fantasize about the passions. It's important that we are the co-creators of our lives so bring those fantasies home. Bring them to life. Don't keep them in the ether! The three cards pulled are for the 28 days. The first card being the first nine days, the second card being the next nine days, and the last card being the remaining ten days. (Cards are from "Faerie Tarot by Nathalie Hertz)

1st Card: Two of Cups:

Standing on a flowered balcony, this young fairy talking to the birds represents osmosis, respect, and harmony with the surroundings. The stars are symbols of bonds and communion. All three figures—the two birds and the fairy—connote the triumph of the heart and deep love. Divinatory meaning: A lasting love, a wedding. A new relation-ship, reciprocal attraction and passion. Engagement, union, understanding, and harmony. A sincere friendship. A reconciliation, a found love, and artistic success, Dissatisfaction in love, false and shallow love, strictly physical attraction. Disillusion in love or friendship, betrayal, and opposition. Jealousy and vain hopes.

2nd Card: The Empress:

This fairy empress, gracious and dignified, incarnates beauty, charm, love, and generosity. She symbolizes emotion and embodies feminine attraction. Surrounded by barn owls, she represents Mother Earth and fertility. The scepter she holds is a sign of her inner power. She controls situations and dissipates doubts. Her authority is effortless. Divinatory meaning: Changeable ideas, intelligence, creativity, harmony, serenity, stability, arts, poetry, maternal advice. In love, an enriching new relationship, Shallow intelligence, lack of communication, vanity, arrogance, subterfuge, weariness, apathy. Indecisions, canceled plans, coldness. A false friend.

3rd Card: Ace of Cups:

This finely carved cup crowned with stars represents love, imagination, joy and peace. It stands above the water, the source of life. Surrounded by flowers and luxuriant vegetation, it is a symbol of beauty, emotional development, and plenitude. The dolphin, which honors the cup with its joyful leaping, refers to dreams, merry emotions, and instinct. It also represents the communion of man with the world. A positive card of love and joy. Divinatory meaning: Perfection, fertility, pleasure and beauty. A deep and true love, family happiness, feasts, and harmony. Professional satisfaction and triumphs. Beauty in art, inspiration and creativity. Travels and good news, A lost love. Desire for self-sufficiency leads to cutting family bonds. Doubts, instability and dissatisfaction. Revolution and internal change.

Questions and Counsel

Hi Katelyn,

I am really intuitive and get information about people that I would have a way of knowing. It really surprises my friends with how right I am when they ask me about situations. I do not hear, or feel anything, it is just a sense of knowing. My only problem is I do not know how to trust it. What can I do to trust my intuition more?

Thank you.


The most challenging part of intuition is learning how to trust it.

A lot of the insight I get while reading other people makes zero sense to me; it is messages for them from Spirit received through me. I am simply the messenger.

The best way to know is not to know, but to trust Spirit.

The best way to do this is through practice. You are going to be wrong, but you are also going to be right.

Accept that it has really nothing to do with you. You are just working for Spirit. Whatever you receive through knowing is meant for the other person.

Simply, you do not have to always trust yourself if you always trust Spirit.




Spiritual Practices

Were You Born to be a Mystic?

Some people just seem to have been born on the opposite side of the fence, possessing abilities and special talents that are otherworldly. As young children, they said profound things, daydreamed a lot, and saw things others did not see. They seemed older than they were, felt alone and different, and were likely labeled the oddball of the family. Coming into adulthood, while others were planning their careers, they wanted to dive deep to understand the mysteries of existence or fly high to touch the bodies of angels. Their fascination with the occult raised eyebrows, but their hunger “to know” put them on an unusual, yet rewarding, sacred path. It seems they were born to be mystics. A mystic, like a shaman, is someone who answers a call and is initiated into a deep mystery housed within us all. Mystics and shamans are offered the opportunity to use their spiritual power, insights, wisdom, and ability to access unseen dimensions to serve others. As technologists of the sacred, they can serve in any number of roles. They embark on paths to become healers, psychic advisors, psychologists, poets, visionary artists, musicians and spiritual teachers. Few born-to-be-mystics seem to actualize their destiny because they feel it necessary to conform to the norm and the expectations of their culture. They are prone to doubt or mask their intuitive abilities, seldom revealing them to others. However, for those who recognize their gifts and use them, their life is a meaningful journey of enlightening experiences and a rewarding call to serve the consciousness of others. Is there a mystic in you waiting to be reborn? Here are some common signs and mystical qualities that may suggest you were born to be a mystic:

You Have Clairvoyant Powers

As a child, you may have seen ghostly figures in your room, fairies in the garden or angels in your dreams. However, as you grew up, these experiences became a bit less frequent as you grounded into the material world. Now at peak moments, your hunches about others prove right, you seem to know who is on the other end of the line when the telephone rings, and you dream about events on the news before they happen. Your clairvoyance may seem like a burden at times and you are afraid others will not believe you or worse – think you are a witch. However, the truth is that your psychic ability should be viewed as a gift that is meant to be developed, exercised and used to serve others.

You Are the Last of the Unicorns

As a child, you liked to sit alone and draw for hours. With crayons and colored markers, your imagination was a wondrous thing. Purple was your favorite color and every landscape shown purple flowers with purple sunsets as a backdrop. Four legged animals wore purple robes and possessed magical powers, often sprouting wings to fly. Perhaps your favorite animal was the unicorn, the mythical archetype and emblem of the mystic. Now just about every time you close your eyes you seem to go into a trance. Your unicorn horn parts the veil between the worlds and you easily journey through the mythic dimensions of your soul where you witness a legacy of symbols and archetypes that you like to look up, study, and try to make sense of. Otherworldly visions are the product of an intuitive mind and can be honored as very real experiences through which one becomes privy to a legacy of spiritual information. If you have an artistic ability to match your mythic imagination, you will tend to create drawings and painting that are otherworldly. If a writer, your visions come alive through poetry.

Your Ancestors Dabbled in Metaphysics

How lucky you were if as a child you had an elder to guide you. Maybe your grandparent helped you interpret your dreams or you watched them cook up herb potions in a big pot that were used as medicine. Some of those who are rooted in the metaphysical world chose to come into a family who could nurture their innate gifts, pass down a legacy and help them forge the path of their destiny. Whether a spiritualist who read Blavatsky aloud, a Native American medicine man or woman who taught them to be reverent of nature, or a Jewish rabbi who taught them the ancient esoteric wisdom of the Kabbalah, they were instrumental in initiating the adept student and transferring a body of knowledge.

You Are an Adept in the Occult

If Harry Potter had been published when you were a child you would have wanted to learn the mystical secrets of wizardry. As it was, you probably preferred the Greek myths to history, learning about the Seven Wonders of the World, and enjoyed stories about the ancient land of Egypt and the Knights of the Round Table. As an adult, your thirst for spiritual knowledge propels you to pour over books on occult subjects such as, hermeticism, tarot, astrology, sacred geometry, and dream interpretation. On the other hand, perhaps you prefer to study comparative religion, mythology, philosophy and psychology, all branches on the tree of wisdom. Your intellectual quest for the Holy Grail brings meaning to your life and to the lives of others.

You Are an Empathetic Caregiver

One a scale of 1 to 10 on the empathic scale you consider yourself at least a nine, feeling the feelings of others and often taking their burdens on your shoulders. As a child, you put Band-Aids on your animals, your doll and teddy bear, parented your younger siblings and shouldered your parent’s problems. As an adult, you are an “intuitive/feeling” type on the Myers-Briggs Scale of personality types and have what are called “fuzzy” emotional boundaries, meaning it is hard for you to separate other’s feelings from your own. Some empaths receive psychic feeling cues in the form of discomfort in their bodies when in the presence of someone who is ill and tend to absorb energies from their surroundings. Until a higher light is integrated, this sensitivity can seem more like a curse than a gift. If you are a mystic, your worldview is expansive, surreal, magical, otherworldly, if not dreamy. Your “Kansas” undoubtedly has a bit of “Oz” in it and the Great Mystery unfolds everywhere your ruby slippers take you. You are meant to contribute your mystical genius to the world no matter how difficult it seems. All the great mystics, such as Helena Blavatsky, William Blake, Rolling Thunder and Black Elk contributed a great deal to our understanding of the divine and the divinity within us.


Archangel Gabriel

The Bible names only one of the angels who appear in connection with Jesus' birth. The Gospel according to Luke states that the angel Gabriel appeared to the Blessed Virgin Mary to tell her that she would bear a son whom she should name Jesus (Luke 1:26-35). Christians call this event the Annunciation.
Gabriel in the Bible
Who is Gabriel and why was he sent to bear such important news? Religious scholars often begin a discussion of the angel by analyzing the meaning of his name. Some say it means "God is my warrior"; others translate it as "man of God." Still others believe it should be translated as "power of God" or "hero of God." Gabriel is one of only two angels mentioned by name in the Hebrew Scriptures, or Old Testament (the other is Michael). In the Book of Daniel, Gabriel helps Daniel interpret his visions and informs him of
God's plan for the end of time (Daniel 8-12). Gabriel returns in the New Testament, or Christian scriptures. In the Gospel according to Luke he appears to Zechariah to tell him that he and his wife will conceive a child, John, who will serve as the forerunner to Jesus Christ (Luke 1:11-20). Shortly afterwards Gabriel visits the Virgin Mary to announce her forthcoming pregnancy (Luke 1:26-38). Thus, the Bible tends to cast Gabriel as God's herald. Because he frequently brings news of God's doings to human beings, he is sometimes referred to as the Angel of Revelation.
Gabriel in Christian Art
In the Gospel according to Luke Gabriel identifies himself as someone who "stand[s] in the presence of God" (Luke 1:19). This has led many Christians to conclude that he is one of the few highranking angels known as archangels. Over the centuries, Christian artists have portrayed Gabriel as a solemn, male figure wearing beautiful robes. In earlier works of art, Gabriel often carries a scepter. In works that are more recent, he holds a lily, a symbol of the purity and goodness of the Virgin Mary.
Jewish and Muslim Beliefs
Jewish lore assigns Gabriel many different jobs. The Book of Enoch portrays him as an overseer of the Garden of Eden (see also Adam and Eve Day). Other apocryphal texts and legends have shown him as one of the four angels who stand round the throne of God, a participant in the destruction of Sodom and the army of Sennacherib, and one of those who prayed for the world at the time of the Great Flood. Muslims, too, honor the angel Gabriel, whom they know as Jibril. They believe him to be the angel who dictated the Qur'an - the holy book of Islam - to the prophet Muhammad.
Christian Lore
Christian lore not only places Gabriel at the scene of Jesus' birth but also at the scene leading up to Jesus' death. Perhaps because of his biblical role as a herald, Christian legends have suggested that Gabriel was the unnamed angel that brought the good news of Jesus' birth to the

Shepherds (Luke 2:812). Another folk belief places Gabriel in the Garden of Gethsemane as Jesus prayed and waited for the men who would come to arrest him and condemn him to death.

Both of these tales emphasize Gabriel's role as the angel of mercy. Michael, by contrast, functions as the angel of judgment. (In Jewish lore, these roles are reversed, with Michael serving as the angel of mercy while Gabriel acts as the angel of judgment.)
In 1951 Pope Pius XII gave Gabriel a new role to play, modernizing his ancient task as a transmitter of messages. He declared Gabriel to be the patron saint of all those who work in the field of telecommunications. Gabriel also serves as the traditional patron of messengers, diplomats, clergy members, postal workers, and stamp collectors.



Constant Healing

The rapidly evolving ascension process is helping us to understand how to set our inner frequencies on constant healing mode to carry us through this magnificent transition. It is important to feed and nurture the positive thoughts and qualities that will carry us through to the next task as we process the purpose of our being. We are on an adventurous journey of faith now turning to a believable reality. Our DNA is responding to thoughts and capabilities as we create the ultimate human experience of truly living in a light-minded world. Every thought, feeling, and emotion feeds your body information. This information turns into the energy that your life force draws from and activates the reality that you will experience. Just as your past life memories of prior negativity and disturbance can surface in this life, it is just as possible to be able to access and activate your true metaphysical ability to heal body, mind, and soul. The formulas for setting in motion the constant regeneration of the body and an immune system that continues to function normally regardless of age are upon us now. All of the actions in your lifetimes are recorded as etheric atoms that attach to your soul body at the time of transition to the light. Even though the body that housed this energy may die, the soul lives on in light and can again reincarnate through this incredible process of life and rebirth. When souls are working together to ascend a planet such as Earth, eventually they will learn how to transcend into the light at will without fear of physical death here. This is how the New Earth is created first in our thoughts and brought into fruition through the love and knowledge now pouring in from the Heavens.

Constant Healing, Miraculous Wellness

We have learned when the body is functioning with illness it can be dealt with and healed in ways our minds may not have been able to comprehend before. We had to let the new thoughts in! All of our scientific discoveries and chemically derived medicines were only the beginning. The answer is not in more synthetic drugs and pills. The answer is inside of every one of us. We truly can create the atoms and enzymes inside our bodies through the vibration of love and knowledge. This time of transition is miraculous. Feed the body, mind, and soul every day and the positive changes will begin. Your mind controls the thoughts that help you get up out of bed every day and live a purposeful life. If your body has the fuel to make every cell in your body fill with healing light energy, it greatly enhances the quality of every day you live on Earth. How you see yourself, the world around you, what you eat, drink and let into your life essence will define how well you are connected to your spiritual self. Your ability to heal is in that glorious vibration of energy that exists as a gift from Heaven. You came here as an incredible being of light! If you have ever forgotten this, then it is in remembering that creates a great awakening jolt inside you. It can happen more than once. You might feel places in your life when you are so awake and full of love, then they seem far away at times. The forgetting serves a purpose if we are ready. You may decide to wake up again and stay there forever; in turn, healing everyone around you with your radiance. Every joyful and peaceful heart represents constant healing that each of us has available. We only have to ask.

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