The Crew - Pt 1. Week 6

Dani Parsons, Garrett Notzon, Natalie Smith, Madison Coleman

Someone who is using a message with meanings that are meant to decive

Jimmy Kimmel deliberately deceives these children taking the Lie Detector exam by creating a FALSE Lie Detector and asking them questions set up for failure, all the while, these children are watched through a camera lens and scrutinized for comedic relief.
Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective #1

Disconfirming behavior

This video compiles great examples of Disconfirming Behavior such as Impervious Response and Interrupting. These are behaviors that should not just be expelled from the workplace but from common, everyday vernacular.

Someone using an inference

These roommates learn a valuable lesson from Amanda Bynes; they infer that there is something wrong and up with the way she is acting.
"She's the Man" with an alternate plan for the tampon.