All About Me !

Brandon Leak


I have loved football ever since I was little. I was born in Wisconsin so of course my favorite team was the Green Bay Packers! But then I actually started learning about it when I was about 7. That made me love it even more than I already did.My favorite teams were in order: Packers, Colts, Giants, Chargers, Broncos, and Patriots.My favorite Football players are B.J. Raji, J.J. Watt, Amhad Bradshaw, Aaron Rodgers, and Wes Welker. I was on the Football team this year and I played for the Lomira Lions. We had a really good season this year.


Basketball was always my second choice sportswise. I loved the Milwaukee Bucks so much. I have been to about 7 Bucks games including the Fanfest. I have met. I have a lot of favorite teams. My favorite teams: Bucks, Thunder, Rockets, Heat, and Knicks. My favorite basketball players are Lebron James, O.J. Mayo, and Larry Bird.

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