Miss Herrera's Newsletter

Stay Up to Date with Our Second Grade Success!

Up Coming Events

2nd and 3rd Grade Program- Tuesday, November 17th at Bellevue East

Book Orders Due- Friday, November 20th

Thanksgiving Break Begins- Wednesday, November 25th

Concert at Bellevue East try to be there by 6:50. They have all been working very hard!


Wear Blue on Friday to show Diabetes Awareness

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Due November 20th


They will be due back by November 20th. Just keep in mind that books are great for gifts! Let me know if you have any questions.

Mental Subtraction

With this unit we will be working on strategies to use when subtracting two digit by two digit numbers. We will have a test on this unit on Wednesday, November 18th, our schedule got pushed back since we have had music practices in the morning. We will begin our new unit Adding Two Digit Numbers on Thursday.

Story of the Week

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Story Concepts

  • Draw Conclusions-Use what you know about real life and what you read to figure out more about the characters and what happens in the story.
  • Visualize- When you visualize something you can picture it in your mind.


High Frequency Words

  • answer
  • company
  • faraway
  • parents
  • picture
  • school
  • wash

Amazing Words

  • correspond
  • transport
  • footprint
  • imitate
  • postage
  • cove
  • deaf
  • sign language

Grammar Skills

  • Verbs with Singular and Plural Nouns

Spelling- Long O Sounds- o, oa, ow

This week we are going to be studying words that have the long o sound but are spelling with oa or ow. When a word or a syllable ends with a single vowel, the vowel sound is usually long. When two vowels appear together in a word or a syllable, the first usually stands for its long sound and the second is silent.

Social Studies

This week we will be continuing our Social Studies Unit discussing U.S. Symbols. We discussed the importance of the Statue of Liberty and American Flag last week. Below is a link to a video we watched that included facts about the White House and a link to an EarthCam where you can see the Statue of Liberty. We will be studying the Bald Eagle and Mount Rushmore this week!
White House - Fun Fact Series EP28 | Mocomi Kids


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This week I will be sending home a speed drill sheet to help practice fluency and word recognition. Please try to practice with your child every night. It should only take a couple minutes. There will be math homework Tuesday and Friday evening. Be sure to practice spelling words nightly and share the joy of reading with your child by reading with them!

*Spelling list will be sent home on Tuesday!

Have a great week!