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May Newsletter

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all the 5D moms a very special and wonderful Mother's Day. I hope you had a lovely weekend being celebrated!

Earth Day 2014 at HMHS

Earth Day Field Trip

Tatem Garden

All year, 5D has helped the Garden Committee to bring this outdoor space to life. In math, we calculated the volume of each planter and informed the committee how much soil to purchase. Once the soil was delivered, we partnered with our first grade buddies to dump the soil into the planters.

Reminder: 5th Grade Field Trip

Tuesday, May 20th, 9-11:30pm

525 Arch St

Philadelphia, PA

Please wear comfortable shoes as this will be a walking tour. No lunch needed.

Looking Ahead

Social Studies: Colonial University presentations this week

L.A./Journeys: quiz on Friday (sequence of events and vocab)

Math: continuing with Chapter 10 this week; test early next week