Moon Landing

History's greatest steps

History's Greatest Steps

On July 20th, 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin be came the first people to walk on the moon. Apollo 11 was launched from The Kennedy Space center in Florida. Durin this time many countries were "fighting" to get the first person on the moon. Apollo 11's missions was a huge goal and area our pride for our country. This was one of the worlds most watched and exciting events.
First Moon Landing 1969

Fun Facts - The Astronauts

  • On this flight the astronauts consumed "normal" food. While their water was different, "astronauts food" had not been invented yet.
  • They attached their sleeping bags to the walls to prevent crashing into the walls.
  • Because they could not spit... There was special toothpaste that they could swallow.
  • A few hours into their flight they suffered "Space Sickness"- a condition that happens while the body adjusts to gravity changes.
  • Before they left to space they had to learn how to use there tools really well, because they had very stiff Space Suits.