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Panther Newsletter -- March 27, 2015

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For the safety of our children, PLEASE do not share this newsletter on any of the social media sites.

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I have two pieces of information to share with you this week:

Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher spring conferences are scheduled for April 1 & 2. If your child’s teacher has not contacted you and you would like to have a conference, please contact them to arrange one.

Kindergarten Registration

Resident children of the Palisades School District who will attain a chronological age of five years before September 1, 2015 shall be eligible to attend kindergarten for the 2015 – 2106 school year. Please go to our website to register on-line and set up a literacy screening appointment at Palisades Middle School on one of the following dates:

  • Thursday, April 9th from 3pm – 7:20pm
  • Friday, April 10th from 8:30am - 3pm
  • Tuesday, April 14th from 3pm – 7:20pm

If you are sharing this information with someone who does not have internet access, please have them call Ann Berger at 610-847-5131 x4000 or Donna Holmes at x2401 to schedule an appointment to register their child.

I wish you all safe travels over the Easter holiday!

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. You can reach me at (610) 847-5131 x6001 or sdavis@palisadessd.org.

Scott Davis

Springfield Elementary Principal

Upcoming Events

3/31- Ray Owen assembly

3/31- Deadline to nominate yourself for a SEPTA board position. Contact Scott Davis with your name & position.

4/1- School board meeting, PHS library, 7:30pm

4/1- 1/2 day / conferences; dismissal at 12:15pm, lunch will be served.

4/2- No school / conferences

4/3- No school

4/6- Regular school day

4/7-4/10- Springfield Spirit Week (more info below)

4/8- Education Programs & Services meeting, PHS Audion, 7pm. Agenda to include Multi-age (grade 1 & 2) committee report. Please plan to attend. More info below.

4/10- End of 3rd Quarter

4/10- Panther Pride Assembly, 9:30am, Springfield Gym. Parents always welcome.

4/13- PSSAs begin for 3rd, 4th & 5th grades.

4/13- SEPTA meeting, Springfield library & live-streamed, 6:30pm (note time change). Agenda includes Elections for SEPTA officers

4/13- Deadline to complete Comprehensive Plan Survey. Survey results will determine operational & programs changes in the Palisades School District. More info on the Comprehensive Plan. (BOTH surveys should be taken by parents in our community):

Did You Know?

  • Parents are suggested to place an extra pair of pants in a plastic bag in their child's backpack for the wet & muddy recesses that spring brings.

  • The snow day on February 17th will be made up on Monday, April 6th
  • The last day of school is now Monday, June 15 (due to the snow day on March 5th)
  • There's an eagle cam in Lancaster providing a live video stream -- the fledglings hatched on 3/24 & 3/25 and can be seen being fed by their parents! Check it out!
  • Coming soon: Christmas City Studio recently took the spring school photos & will use them (along with the fall photos) to complete the class composite photographs.

Upcoming Sports / Activities

3/28- TaKE Center Equine Therapy Center training date. Volunteers needed, all ages. See flier.

3/29- Community Easter Eggstravaganza, next to Springfield Elementary. See flier.

4/3- Easter Egg Hunt, Riegelsville Borough Park. See flier.

4/16- Protecting our Children, presentation on prevention of substance abuse, 7pm, PHS

4/18- Beginning of Girls Golf session 1, ages 7-17. See Flier.

Girl Scout registration form & camp info--Flier

Thank you!

  • Thank you to the Student Council for organizing the One Day Food Drive to benefit Operation Helping Hand, and to all the families who contributed to it--7 boxes full of food were donated! Thank you!
  • Thank you to all the families who filled out the SEPTA Fundraising & Event Survey--your help is greatly appreciated & will help determine fundraisers & events for the 2015-16 school year.
  • Thank you to Mrs. Cuff & Mrs. Becker for working with our students to prepare them for the Reading Olympics. Congratulations to the team for winning blue ribbons!
  • Thank you to Mrs. Mannherz for a wonderful Spring Strings Concert!
  • Thank you to Michele Carson, chair of Scholastic Book Fairs, and Jill Triani, SEPTA President, for surveying the teachers, ordering the supplies that they needed for their classrooms, & then building & distributing them when they arrived. Thank you to everyone who has bought books at our Scholastic Book Fairs and supported this fundraiser! $5500 of Scholastic Dollars were used!

SEPTA Family Movie Nights

Our Movie Night season is over for this year. We would like to sincerely thank all of the parent volunteers who have graciously helped out with Movie Nights this year, as well as Mr Davis, the Baking Committee and the custodians-Dale, Bill & Jim. A special shout out to Jennifer and Tony Maguire, Brenda Yost, and Amy Knecht who helped out at every Movie Night! Because of your volunteerism, our Springfield school community had a safe, fun and free event to enjoy during the Fall and Winter months.

Fondly, Michele and Matt Carson

Education Programs & Services Meeting

Wednesday, April 8th, PHS Audion, 7pm.

Agenda to include Multi-age (grade 1 & 2) committee report. The Multi-age committee will present information on their findings including test scores and survey results regarding how well multi-age works, the participants experience in the program, parental concerns about the program, and issues with pursuing this format.

This is a committee meeting, not a full board meeting, so attendees are able to ask questions and present their concerns. Please plan to come out, hear the results & ask your questions. Information presented at this meeting will be used to determine the future of multi-age in our school District. Please plan to attend!

Springfield Spirit Week

Springfield Student Council is sponsoring Spirit Week right after Easter Break--show your school spirit!

  • April 6th: Pajama Day
  • April 7th: Class Day
  • April 8th: Twin Day
  • April 9th: Crazy Hair Day
  • April 10th: Springfield Pride Day

$1 to participate - all week or any of the days

Collections donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Live Streaming of April SEPTA Meeting

Our April SEPTA Meeting is on April 13th at 6:30pm (note the time change). We will again hold our meeting both in person at the Springfield Library and live-streamed (thus available from wherever you may be, at home or on your mobile device) using the AnyMeeting tool. Here is the invitation to join the live-streamed April SEPTA Meeting. It will be sent again via email closer to the date. The agenda for April includes elections for the 2015-16 SEPTA board and discussions on future SEPTA events & purchases. Please get involved and join the conversation! Hope to see you there!

Board Meeting-- March 18th

5 Things you should know about the last School Board meeting :

  1. The last day of school for students is now Monday, June 15th. UPDATED CALENDAR
  2. Sweet, Stevens, Katz & Williams, LLP has been reappointed as the district's solicitor.
  3. Director Carol Clemens was reappointed as the district's representative for the Bucks County Intermediate Unit.
  4. The Comprehensive Plan for Student Services and Special Education has been posted - it is available for public comment until April 15th at which time it will be on the agenda for School Board approval.
  5. Online registration for incoming Kindergarten students has been launched on our Web site; at the end of the online process, parents will make an appointment for their child's assessment (dates are April 9, 10 and 14).

Committee reports were also provided. Minutes of the individual committee meetings are available. Minutes of the board meeting are available here.

For more meeting information, contact Tamara Rambo.

-- Kudos --

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Our Springfield Stars Reading Team competed in the Bucks County Reading Olympics on Monday, March 23rd at Pennridge Central Middle School and left the event with Blue Ribbons! Congratulations to all members of the team!

The purpose of this event is to encourage children to read more than they currently do, to read a greater variety of books, and to enjoy the excitement of reading and talking about books. The Reading Olympics competition is the culmination of the program that has teams of students reading books from a prepared list for several months prior to the final event. Each team consists of 8 to 16 students who agree to read from groups of 45 books appropriate for their age and reading level.

See photo of the Springfield Stars below:

Back row - Mrs Becker, Amy T, Melody W, Hailey S, Melissa R, Allison B, Caila P

Front row - Tristan R, Michael Z, William C, Lincoln H, Joseph Z, Jack F, Austin P

Not in photo - Liam R, Mrs. Cuff

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Springfield Strings - 3rd, 4th & 5th grades

Moments before going on stage to perform their "Dancing with the Strings" concert on March 24th at the PHS Auditorium our Springfield Strings student are tuned & ready to go! Congratulation to all our students for their work in preparing for and performing this concert!

Springfield Strings students:

5th grade: Ava B, Margot C

4th grade: Allison B, Brianna H, Zoe K, Jordan M, Melissa R

3rd grade: Kaitlyn C, Logan D, Genevieve F, Gianna G, Arcangello G, Kaylei G, Alena H, Ailish K, Chantel L, Chase M, Elizabeth N, Peter R, William S, Giada S, Emma U.

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3rd Grade Bridge Project

The winners of the 3rd grade Bridge Contest were recognized at the March 13 Panther Pride assembly, and received certificates from their teachers.

Mrs. Rabi's class winners: Katelyn M. & Alena H., whose bridge held 76.5 pounds! Delia P and Kaylei G won best appearance.

Ms. Borzok's class winners: Rex E. & William S. won strongest; Ailish K. & Ellie N. won best appearance.

See photo of our winning bridge builders below.

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PAWS Awards

PAWS (Panthers Are Worthy Students) Awards are given every 2 weeks to two grade K-2 students & two grade 3-5 students. Each displayed one of four character traits: respect, caring, responsibility, & honesty. Winners choose from a menu of rewards.

Recipients at the March 13 assembly were (holding the PAWS yellow award):

Rex E, Alexander R, Ava R & Ian H. (Helpers were: Summer R & Reese K)

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100-step Challenge

1st Grade: Lallie M, Jared N, Wesley D, Brandon P

2nd Grade: Ben M, Erin W, Julia B, Pierce Q, Melanie-Rose W, Aubrey B, Devon L, Kaylie G, Kelanai S, Summer Y

3rd Grade: William J, Josue D, Jaden K, Ailish K

4th Grade: Madalyn G, Dakota C, William C

Only two months to go before all Springfield students must have met this 100-step Challenge for Mr. Davis to sleep on the school roof--keep reading!!

See photo of our newest 100-step Reading ribbon recipients below:

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Beyond the 100-Step Challenge

200 Steps

1st Grade: Lucy S, Nastasi G, William Z, Taylor K, Megan R

2nd Grade: Ella J, Jayden F, Olivia O, Johonna S, Colby M

3rd Grade: Chase M & Peter R

300 Steps

2nd Grade: Ben F

3rd Grade: Ellie N & Reese K

400 Steps

3rd Grade: Harrison K

700 & 800 Steps

3rd Grade: Amelia S


Mrs. Muck - 200 steps ; Mrs. McKenney - 200 steps

Mrs. Crews - 400 steps ; Mrs. Hall - 500 steps

Mrs. Kingsbury - 600 steps ; Mrs. Reed - 1,000 steps

Mrs. Sadow - 2,100 Steps

See photo of our Beyond 100-step Reading ribbon recipients below:

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Math Fact Awards - 3/13

Math Ribbon awards are given to students who have mastered the math facts benchmarks for their grade level.

Grade 1: Louden H & Zachary N

Grade 2: Melanie R, Austin R, Gavin Y, Aubrey B

Grade 3: Jaden K, Giada S, Riley S

Grade 4: Samantha N & Galen L

Grade 5: Margot C, Thomas B, Amy T

See photo below:

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Parent Tips for PSSAs

We all want to help our children succeed on the standardized tests that they encounter beginning with the PSSAs (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment) in 3rd grade. This article has some tips on how parents can help our children prepare before, calm their anxieties on test day and understand the results of the test.

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