Theme Park Manager

salary £19,500 - £75,000

Job Description

A theme park manager is responsible for every aspect of the day-to-day running of a theme park. This includes key functions, such as managing the customer experience, strategic planning and development, monitoring health and safety, overseeing the park's finances and handling staff appraisals.Theme park managers propose and implement strategies to constantly improve customer satisfaction and park development. Additionally, they may oversee or take sole responsibility for the marketing of the park in order to generate business.Theme park managers may also be known by other job titles, for example, guest experience manager, rides and operations manager or attractions manager.

salary and conditions

Range of typical starting salaries: £19,500 - £30,000. However, few graduates actually start in management roles, with most entering at non-management level.Range of typical salaries at senior level/with experience, e.g. after ten years in the role: £35,000 - £75,000.

Entry Requirements

Although this area of work is open to all graduates and diplomates, the following degree, HND or foundation degree subjects may increase your chances:business/management;marketing;leisure, travel or tourism management;hotel and catering or hospitality management;facilities management;engineering.