Book by: Roland Smith Flyer by: Adam Cohn

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  1. Quest, aka Q
  2. Angela
  3. Boone
  4. Eben Lavi


Philadelphia in 2008.

Quest (Q)

Son of a music star and quite good at magic. He always wears cargo pants because he keeps a lot in his pocket including a deck of cards because he has "nervous hands". I haven't even mentioned how smart this kid is!


Angela's mother died a few years ago, or did she? Angela, along with her new step brother Quest, who goes by Q, are trying to find out if she still is alive. However, with guys like Eben Lavi Chasing them, it won't be so easy. Who thought that being on a road trip with their superstar parents, would lead to this?


Expect the unexpected, because the unexpected can happen at any moment.


I thought that this book was great. Probably one of my favorite mysteries I've ever read. I think you should read it too, because this mystery is one of my top 5 favorite books!