Leonardo da Vinci


Early life

Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15 1452 and died may 02 1519 and was a very smart man as an early aged man da Vinci worked for Louise Xll of France as a painter and an engineer Left many notebooks containing his researches into anatomy, architecture, hydraulics, hydrology, geology, meteorology, mechanics, machinery and gears, military weaponry and fortifications, human and avian flight, optics, mathematics, botany, etc. Designed palace and garden at Romorantin, France (1517-19), private residences, and many military constructions; worked (1482-94) on monumental bronze equestrian statue.

Leonardo's fathers name was Sem piero da Vinci

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Getting involved

a lot of people say he squandered his talents in a relentless search for new forms of self expression . people say that he was a man of regal spirit and tremendous breadth and mind but he was always setting himself to learn many things only to abandon them most immediately.

choices and results


in 1478 Leonardo set up his own studio and his first major commission was for an altar piece for the chapel of saint Bernard in Florence but he became a characteristic of Leonardo
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words from him

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the last supper was one of Leonardo's books he had wrote many others including one that showed the human body and how it works
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