Do you like to use chopsticks?

Chinese Food and Recipes

Chī de hǎo! (eat well) Background on Chinese food.

Chop sticks are China's main utensil for stuffing your face with delicious food. After your done eating you put your chopsticks neatly on the table but never left in your rice bowl. Its the polite thing to do. ;)

Usually when they eat noddles they will mix it with different meats to add more flavor. When you first sit down to a restaurant you are served with tea. The tea givin to you is a thank you gestue for eating at there restaurant.

Your main utensils will be chopsticsk, a spoon, and usually a soup bowl. You will never see a knife at your table! Forks are not commonly used. If you life a more peacedful place to eat at a restaurant they have special rooms called "boaxing".

Other Additional Facts

*One of there cooking pots is called a Wok that is shaped more like a bowl and used on a stove to cook meals.

*They also have a pot called a Bamboo Steamer.

*If you go to a Chinese restaurent, giving a tip would known as an insult! It may seem like a good thing but in China it can be rude.

*Peng Zu is know as the "founder" of specific Chinese cooking.

*Chinese cooking goes back from the emporers, when there were emperors there was very good cooking made for them. Those recipes have been carried on for years.

*During the time of the emporers there were 6 main drinks. They were water, vinegar and sour wine (thick liquids) , ye wine, yi wine, sweet wine, and mellow wine.

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