Costa Rica Family Life

Learn about the family life of Costa Rica.

Gender Roles

The husband generally makes the final descions in the house. The wives work around the house doing things such as laundry, cleaning, and cooking. Though recently it has changed. Wives are starting to have jobs outside of their homes and the husbands are helping around the house.

Child/Parent Relationship

Young boys start helping their fathers outside of the house at age 6 or 7. They do things like help pick coffee and help with construction. At the same age, girls start helping around the house by doing things like cleaning their own rooms, washing their own dishes, and helping around the house. Most children live with their parents until marriage but are commonly helped by their aunts and grandparents.

Costa Rica

Family Structure

Costa Ricans value tradition and heritage. But as their country modernizes families are spending less time together. Costa Ricans are usually extended families. Though families are slowly drifting apart, families enjoy spending time together on Sundays.


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