How the Grinch Stole Christmas

P.E.E.L Paragraph and Summary

P.E.E.L Paragraph

The theme of the How The Grinch Stole Christmas is don't judge something you don't know a lot about. We know this because in the text it says, "He stood there on Christmas Eve, hating the Whos," This goes along with the theme because the Grinch shouldn't hate the Whos because he doesn't know them or know what they are doing. Also, in the text, "The Grinch hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season!" This also goes along with the theme because he doesn't know anything about Christmas, so he shouldn't judge. And our final reason is, once he found out the true reason of Christmas, "Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! "Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store." "Maybe Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more." And this final reason goes with this theme because he realized that Christmas meant more then he thought. These all go with the theme because the Grinch judged something he didn't know a lot about.


The Grinch hated Christmas. He wanted to get rid of it, and ruin the Whos' Christmas spirit. But the problem was, the Whos didn't realize it, and it made it hard for the Grinch. So, the Grinch quietly one night took all of the Whos stuff they had for Christmas. But then, the Whos surprised the Grinch the next morning. They didn't care that all of their stuff was gone. They still had the Christmas spirit. And, I just that Christmas spirit spread because the Grinch felt bad, and returned all of the Whos' stuff. The Grinch turned good after all!