Afternoon Agenda- PD Day

January 4, 2016

Afternoon Learning Focus: K-2 and 3-5 Vertical Team Meetings

"Deconstructed Math Standards and Instructional Practices"


Items To Bring:

•Ipad- Each person needs to call up their grade level Deconstructed Math Standards file (from my email)

•Bring the colored folder that you received at the October early release day that has the following items:

•DESE's State Testing Blueprint 15-16

•Smarter Balanced Threshold Achievement Level Descriptors (tabbed in folder)

DESE’s new state testing blueprint for 15-16

Look at point emphasis for Measurement and Data on upcoming testing- for grades 3, 4, 5

Steps For Learning:

•As a vertical team, each member needs to call up their grade level Deconstructed

Math Standards file (from my email)

•Take a look at the following domain and dive in across the grade levels…

Measurement and Data (MD)

Areas to look at and discuss:

1. Key Changes……..Look at what was added/deleted from your grade level

2. Critical areas of focus…..Look at descriptors and share per grade level

3. Clusters within the Domain…. Discuss expectation changes between grades.

What needs to be emphasized or mastered at your grade level when you look at

the cluster assignments across grade levels?

4. Standard and Deconstruction

Does the deconstruction explanations help you more clearly understand the

standard and the instruction necessary?

5. Do you feel the essential questions are clear for the learner?

Continue looking through and discussing the expectations and examples in these two domains. Each grade level teacher in the group shares out. What are you doing well at your grade level? Share examples, materials, etc. What do you have to concentrate on doing?

Get out the Smarter Balanced Threshold Achievement Level Descriptors-Math

This is tabbed in the folder of information.

1. Highlight the Measurement and Data (MD) on the descriptors page.

A student entering “Basic” -2 performs much differently than a student who

scores “Proficient” -3 or “Advanced”- 4.

2. Discuss differences seen between levels 2, 3, and 4 as a group.

3. Discuss the reasons why is it imperative that we all understand and present

the components of the deconstructed standard?

4. What are your thoughts about teaching/assessing vocabulary? Clear learning

targets? Do you need to make any changes? How do you review and assess

vocabulary knowledge at each grade level?

5. How has your grade level incorporated more complex writing tasks into the areas of math so far this year? Share! Share! Share!

New***6. What are some of the best hands-on activities in Investigations or others that you have used that help provide differentiation and high levels of relevance and rigor in the area of measurement and data?

New***7. Discuss daily intervention time. Are you still working alone or as a grade level? Share out your experiences, fears, questions.

•Grades 3, 4, 5- I will be coming around to share student data from the recent CDT state testing.