January News

LTF Middle School Math Teachers Newsletter

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful break! I am looking forward to a busy, yet productive month. We have LTF training coming up (details below), as well as our next vertical team meeting. Please join us for both. These are great opportunities to gain access to resources and collaborate with peers.

Looking ahead, this 9-weeks is packed pacing-wise for all courses. With three possible snow days, a half-day, and MLK Day, it is a tight 9-weeks. Please let me know if you need help making a 9-weeks plan or pacing out your standards. I'd be happy to sit down with you and plan.

Vertical Team Meeting

Thursday, Jan. 21st, 3:30-5pm

107 Sanders Road Southwest

Huntsville, AL

Please join us as we look at reading and writing in math. Our focus will be strategies to prepare our students for the upcoming ASPIRE test.

*You will want to enter on Martin Road to avoid car line!

LTF Training

Click the title above to register on STI PD for this wonderful training. Subs are paid for by Secondary Programs- AP.

January 13th – Geometry at Merts in the Community Room

January 14th – Math 6/7 at McNair Junior High

January 19th – Algebra I at Merts in the Blue Room

Let me know if you have questions!

Literacy Strategy: Process Logs

Using a Math Process Log, students describe their understanding of a problem, and the steps they use to solve it. Their worksheet guides them through the problem solving process, without prescribing a particular method or order. This activity helps students to solve problems with metacognition and understanding, while still scaffolding them enough to allow success. By explaining their thought processes in writing, students are able to clarify their thinking, avoid potential errors, and arrive at deeper levels of interpretation.

I'd be happy to plan a lesson with you using Process logs or send you more info!

Upcoming LTF Lessons

There are a lot of great opportunities to get started using LTF lessons in your classroom this year! Let me know if you'd like copies.

6th Grade: Alien Invasion (Digits Topic 9)

6th Grade Honors: Arithmetic Sequences (7th Grade Digits Topic 5)

7th Grade: Angles of a Regular Polygon (Digits Topic 10)

7th Grade Honors: Angles of a Regular Polygon (Accellerated Digits Topic 19 &25)

8th Grade: Introduction to Related Rates using Volume (Digits Topic 8)

Algebra 1: Discovery of Patterns of Postive and Negative Exponents (Unit 7)

Geometry: Coordinate Geometry and Proofs (Unit 6) * I just started this today and it is wonderful!