Native Americans of the Southeast

Audrey Urbach P-3

The southeast region reaches from the Ohio Valley to the Gulf of Mexico and southern Florida. The Seminole men wore deer hide leggings to protect themselves from the splintering heat, the mosquitoes, and dangerously sharp grasses. The women wore long skirts for the same reason. They built special houses called chickees that were well suited for the climate. The house was built on a platform three feet off the ground and had a slanted roof in case of rain. The chickees had no walls so they could get a little breeze. There was plenty of water around, and therefor also a lot of fish, alligators, and snakes. There were forests with lots of trees, ferns, grasses, and the occasional deer. The Seminole used bones and stones to create scrapers. They used these tools to hollow out tree trunks and create flat bottomed canoes. The canoes were handy for fishing and traveling in the swampy marsh lands.