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Dakotah Turner

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Did you know my name is Dakotah. I have a brother named Korbin he is 15 and I have a half sister named Kelsey she is 17.One day i went to let my dog out Zoey to go the bathroom.She decided to run off and we could not find her. I got really scared and my mom called her and never found her. So finally she drops me off at school in 4th grade.She is very late to work but she wanted to find her dog so she found her running in the road. She loves car rides so my mom says ZOEY ZO BOE(nickname) She gets in the car and gets on to her and my mom put her in her cage.Now my mom is so late she is spose to be at work at 8:30 and she was at work at 9:30.She was so mad ERG!!!!!!Sometimes zoey will sleep with me and when she does i have everything chewed up in my room.I told my mom she is never EVER sleeping with me again.So one time she sleep with my brother and when my brother woke up his hole side of the bed was chewed cause it is wood.The wierd thing is that he still lets her sleep with him CRAZY!!!! I dont let her chew everything up in my room cause my door is shut all the time cause i know what she will do korbin doesent he havent learned hiss lesson yet.I have a cat Jewell and zoey always messes with her cause thats what dogs do.The most thing I dont like about my dog is that she always eat the cats food.Are cat is very sassy so she wont let zoey so she will paul at her face luckley she does not have claws.But other than that i love my dog and cat Zoey and Jewell.