Eddie Money

Arena Rock

History of Eddie Money

Eddie Money was born as Edward Mahoney into a large Irish Catholic family. He started out as a NYPD trainee because his grandfather, father, and brother were all NYPD policemen. As his interest for music became greater he decided to become a full time musician. When he moved to Berkeley, California he became a regular at clubs and got his Columbia Records contract there. Eddie found his fame in the 1970's and 1980's with Top 40 hits and multiple platinum albums. What really propelled him into fame was He made a downfall in the mid-80's but made his way back when he released Can't Hold Back in 1986. He confronted his drug addiction in 2001 and entered into a 12-step program. He now tours regularly usually with other successful rock artists from the 70's and 80's.

Event that Propelled Him to Fame

Top 40 hits and multiple platinum albums that he released in the 1970's and 80's.
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Top Albums

  • Can't Hold Back
  • No Control
  • Nothing to Lose
  • Unplug It In
  • Life for the Taking

Top Songs

  • "Two Tickets to Paradise"
  • "Take Me Home Tonight"
  • "Baby Hold On"
  • "I Wanna Go Back"
  • "Shakin'"
  • "Think I'm in Love"
  • "Walk on Water"

Characteristics of Arena Rock

Arena rock uses large arena venues for concerts or their tours. They use a commercially adapted and radio friendly sound. It also includes highly produced music that has hard rock and power ballads. These lead into anthemic choruses. Using large stadiums for
American bands, smoke, fireworks, and sophisticated lighting performances became staples for arena rock.

"Two Tickets to Paradise"

S- main vocals, electric guitar, drum set, bass, bongos, keyboard

H- electrics guitar, drum set, bass, bongos, keyboard

M- main vocals

R- moderate; 4


intro, verse 1, verse 2, chorus, interlude, bridge, verse 2, chorus, outro



Rock: Arena Rock

Two Tickets To Paradise - Eddie Money

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