Internet Safety

What are the rules of the Internet?

Many of the rules in society apply online also. Just like you shouldn't be mean in person, you should not make fun of others online either. Just because you are behind a screen, doesn't mean you are protected from the consequences. People who are mean and rude online are cyber bullies.

What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is just like normal bullying, except it is done behind a screen, rather than in real life. This form of bullying, however, is not to be seen as less hurtful. It is just as bad as physical bullying. The consequences of cyberbullying are just as bad as physical bullying.

What are the consequences of cyberbullying?

There are many consequences of cyber bullying. Some of which can include being kicked off of sports teams, suspension, or expulsion. The punishments depend on the motives and the magnitude of the crime. In many cases, the law is involved. Many people file civil court cases against the bully. The consequences vary from state to state.
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How can I prevent cyberbullying?

You can prevent cyberbullying by reporting and telling adults when you encounter one. They will be punished and it will scare many other cyber bullies.