Summer Camp @ Banks Middle School

Students will be introduced to the world of Rube Goldberg!

Students will learn the basics of simple machines, use computers to develop skills, and apply them to design and construct their own contraption. They will learn about the history of Rube Goldberg and how it is possible to take a simple task and make it complicated. Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, and hands on technology will be practiced and applied through several activities through the week. Each camper will be working in both a research and development lab, as well as, a manufacturing lab. Students will work with a variety of materials and will modify them to construct their own contraption. Students will use a variety of tools and materials and will develop

many skills to become a better problem solver and critical thinker.

**Students taking both the AM and PM classes will have a 30 minute supervised lunch. Please send a bag lunch, snack and drink to camp.

Camp taught by Robert Guttovz. FOR AGES 10-14.

Rube Goldberg Contraptions - from 9:00am to Noon for Ages 10-14

CLICK ON Class #SC18557 to register

Session(s): 4

Monday-Thursday, 6/25-6/28

Fee: $120

**PLEASE NOTE: This camp is for Ages 10-14 which is different than what was printed in our Spring/Summer brochure.