WHES Newsletter Update

Monday, September 7th - September 11th 2020

Dear Westport Community,

The Weekly WHES Newsletter will just contain reminders and announcements for the week as well as the upcoming week's highlights.

The highlights for the week are:

  1. 9/7/20 NO SCHOOL in Observance of Labor Day; NO MONDAY ASSEMBLY
  2. 9/8/20 Return to School; Students Login In Safely ONLY through Schoology
  3. Parent Workshop, Topic: "Strategies on Distance Learning" at 12:00 p.m., led by Mrs. Collins, Special Ed. Early Childhood Education Teacher, and Ms. Stark, Psychiatric Social Worker. Join Zoom Meeting Link:
  4. https://lausd.zoom.us/j/91493528597?pwd=eGhYNmo5WWNXSEZ2ZDM4VGtMTzBrUT09
  5. 9/11/20 NEW DATE AND TIME: Friday at 2pm SSC and ELAC Orientation and Elections School Site Council (SSC) and English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) Orientation and Elections.


  • Monday, 9/14/20 - Monday Assembly for TK-1st ONLY
  • Tuesday, 9/15/20 - Parent Workshop: "How to Implement Distance Learning Strategies" led by Mrs. Collins and "Social and Emotional Support For You and Your Child" led by Ms. Stark; Workshops to be held at 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Join Zoom Meeting Link: https://lausd.zoom.us/j/94831693176?pwd=V1JtaGhWbUdmOFMza25EUWNmM1dhUT09 Meeting ID: 948 3169 3176 Password: 998814
  • Thursday, 9/17/20 - Virtual Annual Title I & Back to School Night

Kind regards,

Mrs. Hughes

NOTE: If you still need to access the previous newsletters for contact, web link, or information it is still linked on website.

Information for this week's highlights:

SSC and ELAC Orientation Elections Agenda

Review the Announcement and Agenda for SSC and ELAC Orientations and Elections by clicking here.

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Gentle Parent Reminders for Live Zoom Classes

Safety is the #1 priority for all students whether school instruction is structured using remote or in-person learning.

The yellow caption above from page 10 of the Family and Student handbook (sent to all families and a full copy linked on our website and HERE ) states the district's policy to help keep students safe on ZOOM - Zoom sessions for students is only available to those who log in to Schoology.

Please have students use their LAUSD MyMail email and password or QR Code to login to Schoology at lms.lausd.net to access their live Zoom classes. Students will not be able to access live class sessions using the old Zoom passwords and/or links sent by teachers at the beginning of school.

We know that this may be challenging at first to readjust, but it is necessary to avoid the security breaches which have occurred in LAUSD when Schoology was not used to access Zoom sessions. Schoology provides a firewall to keep out unauthorized attendees in Zoom.

Also, as a gentle reminder:

  • · Please avoid sharing your private information or adult conversation near the device when your child is on Zoom. We ask for the same courtesy as if you were visiting a classroom on campus. The whole class can hear you.
  • · Please use the headphones we provided for each student. This is especially important for families that have more than one child on Zoom at a time in the same area. The headphone keeps the other teacher's instruction from being heard by another device.
  • · Please attend office hours offered daily by every teacher to interact with them. The Zoom class time is for direct instruction for the students.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation during remote learning.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Hughes


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Ms Stark's Virtual Office aka The Calm Room

Everything in room has clickable links with various calming strategies and tools like deep breathing exercises, relaxing music, and sensory games. This will be a good resource for students experiencing frustration and stress with remote learning.