Genesee - Return to Learn 2020

Dr. Strang's Community Update ~ July 30, 2020

Return to Learn Options

Dear Genesee Families,

We look forward to the 2020-2021 school year and resuming education in a healthy and safe way for students, parents and staff.

Countless hours have gone into planning your children's return to school and we will continue to prepare throughout August.

The survey data from students and staff indicated a strong desire for smaller classes and social distancing in classrooms, along with hesitation, uncertainty and worry for many. We believe the models listed below will allow us greater opportunity to social distance and reduce the number of students in the building at one time.

In our attempt to best meet the requests and concerns of our families, the following are the options available to you in the 2020-2021 school year. In the event state or federal requirements change, or we revert back to Phase 3 of our state's school re-opening plan, the options below are subject to change as well.


  1. Fully Online Instruction with a Robust Program and a Haas Teacher Assisting
  2. Blended Instruction with Students Attending Haas Two Days a Week and Completing Work Online Three Days a Week Using the Robust Program and a Haas Teacher Assisting
  3. Five Days a Week Face to Face Learning. The Same Robust Online Program Will be Utilized at Times In the Day to Prepare Students in the Event We Have to Close. (We do not anticipate an over abundance of families interested in this model based on survey data; however, if it is determined this option is not fully feasible due to the large interest, we may have to limit the number of students in this option).

Genesee Junior/Senior High School

  1. Fully Online Instruction with a Robust Program and a Genesee Teacher Assisting
  2. Blended Instruction with Students Attending Genesee Jr/Sr High School Two Days a Week and Completing Work Online Three Days a Week Using the Robust Program and a Genesee Jr/Sr High Teacher

By the end of the day Wednesday, August 5, you will receive "A Day in the Life" documents which specifically outline each instructional model listed above. You will also receive a survey to indicate your choice, plus a few other questions to answer so we can finalize classes, etc. We will also begin making phone calls the week of August 10 to the families we did not hear back from via the survey.

The "A Day in the Life" documents are intended to help you decide which model you are most comfortable with. In addition, the document will list tentative school start and end times which will be changing somewhat from the past.

Also, on Wednesday, August 5, you will be provided the health and safety protocols that we will be adhering to when students are in the building, many of which are Phase 4 requirements of the state and/or our county health department. Our return to face-to-face instruction requires a partnership with the Genesee County Health Department, which we welcome, along with strict adherence to the Phase 4 requirements.

Our teachers and students will be fully ready for the potential of a school closure at any time during the 2020-2021 school year thanks to the one-to-one chromebooks we have purchased, online program for all students, and internet connection for those students in need.

Parents will also have the tools you need. We heard loud and clear that parents need a more consistent model of online instruction that is concise and shows you the progress your child is making. We looked at numerous programs and feel that you will be pleasantly surprised with our changes. We also will welcome further feedback on parent needs in next week's survey.

Thank you for trusting us with your child's education. We greatly appreciate the kind comments and faith you have in us. We look forward to partnering with you to have a successful 2020-2021.

Stay Healthy!

Dr. Melody Strang

Proud Superintendent


AUGUST 31, 2020 - First Day of School

INPACT - Interrupting Prolonged Sitting with Impact

Michigan Department of Education has partnered with the University of Michigan in an effort to promote exercise while students are at home. Please see the info from U of M and the link below for more information and details on incentives. The videos look great and more are being added weekly.


We have partnered with the Michigan State Board of Education and Superintendent, the Michigan School Health Coordinators’ Association (MiSHCA), and the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE Michigan) to disseminate InPACT@Home. InPACT@Home is an evidence-informed, home-based physical activity program that enables K-12 students to engage in health-enhancing physical activity and physical education during COVID-19 and beyond. New activity videos are uploaded every week.

Please review the InPACT@Home Participation Waiver.


  • Children have access to 20-minute cardio workout videos that are developmentally appropriate and approved by pediatric exercise physiologists and physical education specialists. Videos include nutrition messaging and social and emotional learning (SEL) activities and can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

  • Parents and teachers have access to helpful information about the InPACT program and nutrition and physical activity.

  • Children can log their daily exercise information. Starting in September, children who participate and record their exercise information on a daily basis will be entered into raffles and eligible to receive prizes.

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Dr. Melody Strang


Genesee School District