The test

Peggy Kern

Story elements

The Test takes place in Buford in the United States during the present. The main conflict in the story is Liselle found out that she is pregnant but she don`t want to tell anybody. The book begins with Liselle in her school, and with her friends. Liselle doing a test in the school restroom and it was positive, she cry because her parents are going to kill her if she told them about that, but she need to be strong and think what she is going to say to them. She don`t want to tell anybody about her pregnancy because she fell that all the people going to hate her, and she think that anybody is going to be with her.

Character Analysis

The main character is Liselle. Three words to describe the main character are frustrated, honest and happy and sad. The character is motivated by begging afraid of her parents and her boyfriend, she is afraid because she doesn't want to tell tem she is pregnant. I like the main character because she is strong about all the difficult things that happen in her life, and I learn to much things of her. Liselle and her boyfriend is bad because he doesn`t want to take care at liselle and her baby.


The theme of the novel is when you are teenager is better to have an open and honest relationship with your parents and it is better to take your time with serious relationship. One example that supports the theme is Liselle doesn't talk to her mother about her pregnancy. another example is when Liselle's mom finds out she get mad because Liselle didn't tell her. A third example from the book is Liselle boyfriend doesn't care about Liselle and her baby. A final example tat supports theme is Liselle boyfriend leaves and doesn't text her back.


This book shows you what can happen if you aren't careful with relationships and people can trust.

I think this happens to a lot of teenagers in high school, and a lot of young girls are moms in high school because they trust the wrong guys.