Raine Sydney

A 15 year old girl

Raine grew up by the sea, she always felt comfortable and safe around water like it was a protective blanket. She ops for a more beachy style in clothing such as shorts, a loose top and gladiator sandals. Her hair is light, wavy brown which is quite long and messy. She has carribean aqua eyes and a light dust of freckles on her cheeks. she also has tanned skin from being in the sun alot.She has trust issues and only feels like she can be her true self around her two best friends, Lake and Bay. She is very deceptive, most people think she is weak and pathetic but she is a fighter and is stronger than she looks. She is very brave and is willing to put up a fight top survive. her familey are nothing special. her exetremely annoying brother dylan is younger than her and likes to tease his siter. Her Father catches fish and her mother makes and sells fishing nets. She out of habbit bites her lip wjhen she is nervous. Raine is a very caring person most of the time and likes to play with her dog