The Colonial Kidnapping


The Victims

In colonial times, two women were kidnapped and captured by a group of Native Americans. Mary Jemison and Mary Rowlandson were both taken captive. The Native Americans burned the Rowlandson home and took her. Mary Rowlandson was kidnapped with her kids and was treated poorly for three months. [1] French Soldiers and a group of Shawnee invaded Mary Jemison’s farm and took her. Mary Jemison ended up being adopted by two Seneca women. She was then treated well and moved to a Seneca territory in New York.[2]

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The Crime Scene

Mary Rowlandson was kidnapped on February 10, 1676. She was kidnapped in house which was burned down. She was captured in Salam, Massachusetts. Another person who was captured was a woman named Mary Jemison. She was also kidnapped by Indians. She was kidnapped in 1758. She was captured in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.1

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The Mind of the Captors

Mary Rowlandson was captured in 1676 because of King Phillips War. She was captured by the Narragansett Indians. She was held captive for over 11 weeks until a ransom was paid and she was let free.1 Mary Jemison was captured in 1755 by a raiding party containing of six Shawnee Indians and 4 Frenchmen. While in captivity she was adopted by the Indians and became one of them.2

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