Research Team Practice

by Janae, Mccartney, Victoria, Jamashay


The government in the story is very corrupt because they try to make people have handicaps to make other people at the same level as everyone else which means add weights and things that make you not able to think. Thats not right because how are people able to advance when they are like forced not to think. That is not how to make anything work. They are just making like not worth living. We all want to live but there are people that don’t care or would not care if they took control and they would be like the leaders in the story’s setting. They took people’s thoughts and made them like everyone else’s. That makes you think who is everyone else made of? Who are they to be normal. They take people's talents that they would have used for good like who knows maybe one of the dancers that fell over during the sound would have gone on to find life on Mars. Really, what would life be boring and stupid. Why would humans even exist? No one would want to do anything because of “Handicaps” and such. On one part they just kill someone for not liking their idea and because of the “Handicaps” his parents couldn't even cry. -McCartney


Family: The family in the story contains a wife, a husband, and a child who has been taken away.


Religion: Everyone’s religion is the same because everyone is equal.

(QUESTION: Since everyone in the world believes in different religions, including the people of the Constitution, how did everyone decide what one religion to believe in?)

Food: The food the people eat is not present in the story, but since everyone is equal, I suspect they all like the same foods.

Clothing: The clothing people wear in the story is just average, everyday clothing.

History: In the past, people were unequal. They had different religions, different looks, different living styles, different IQ’s, different strengths and speeds, different everything. People were different in every which way, but the Amendments and Constitution changed the ways so everyone would be equal.

Activities: Activities mentioned in the story are watching television and ballet.

~Janae Hlavacek