March Madness Book Tournament

First Ever at HBMS!

What is it!

Think March Madness Basketball!!!

Students will fill out tournament brackets with their PREDICTIONS on which books will win the vote and move on in the tournament!

How do I participate?

Pick up an empty bracket from Mrs. Hendricks in the library.

Fill it out and turn it back in to Mrs. Hendricks by

Feb. 24th.

Get ready to vote for the Elite 8 on Feb. 29th!


What if I haven't read the all the books?

Don't worry! On the March Madness site, you will find book summaries of each book.

Are there prizes?

Yes! Each week there will be a prize drawing.

There is an opportunity to earn two entries per week.

For voting, you will receive 1 entry.

For each week that you have a book left in the bracket after voting, you will receive 1 entry.

Do I have to fill out a bracket to vote?

No! Voting will be open to all students at HBMS.

What happens if I pick the Tournament Winner on my bracket?

Congratulations! Your name will be entered into the GRAND PRIZE drawing at the end of the tournament!

HBMS Library

See Mrs. Hendricks for any questions or for more information.

Don't forget to pick up your bracket today!