Beginnings of a Sacramental Life

Sacraments, important figures, and women in Church History


A sacrament is an efficacious sign of grace, instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Church, by which divine life is dispensed to us through the work of the Holy Spirit. Through the grace of the sacraments, God's life is celebrated by the person fortunate enough to experience it. Baptism began as a real bath. The earliest Christians baptized by immersion into a river or other body of water. The beginnings of the Eucharist took place at a real meal with real food and drink.

The Word 'Sacrament'

The word Sacrament, initially meant the rite by which someone became a member of the great Roman Army. It was later adopted by Christians referring to the way that they enter into and celebrate the mystery of their life in Christ. Christians performed various rituals or ceremonies that they believed initiated them into this mystery. Eventually these rituals became more formal and spiritual

Important Figures in the early Church

Guaranteed to be Spiritual and Fulfilling

The Role of Women in the Early Church

We know that Jesus treated women as equal to men. Many of his regular followers were women. Paul also had women who helped him with his ministry, and was considered in his day to be a radical champion of women. Church leaders have concluded that while women cannot be ordained, they are and should be full and active members of the community just as they were from the beginning.

The Early Church