KASL January Newsletter


Mark your calendars for these upcoming events brought to you by KASL!

Winter Webinar: Saturday, February 19th (half day sessions)

Spring Summit: Tuesday, March 22 @ 7:00 pm Eastern

Summer Refresher: July 11-12, 2022 Ashland, KY

(Information on how to register is coming soon.)

Check out the Google Site with some resources that may be helpful to you. Included on that page is a set of standards that show the grade level progression along with some implementation ideas that have been crowd-sourced from your fellow KY school librarians. Check it out and feel free to add to it. There is also a blank version of the slides that you can use for your own planning and reflection.

See James Allen's write-up about how our standards connect with reading.

Be sure to check out AASL's position statement on reading.

Frazier Museum Info—

We have just a few spaces open at the professional development our very own Caroline Sheffield will be presenting for on 1-15-22 titled “Exploring Mammoth Cave through History and Inquiry” if anyone else would like to sign up and/or please feel free to share the information at your schools.

We are looking for librarians to be part of the Frazier Museum Teacher Advisory Board. Please let Deidra Bowling-Meade know if you are interested. Next meeting is virtual on Feb 3, 2022 04:15 PM Eastern.

Contact for educators: Megan Schanie mschanie@fraziermuseum.org

Greetings, fellow librarians! I’m Emily Northcutt and this year I am serving as the KYVL Alliance K-12 Representative on the KASL Board. I am also a member of the KYVL Collections Work Group and serve as an advocate for the inclusion of resources in the Kentucky Virtual Library that benefit both students and teachers in the Commonwealth.

I would like to highlight an underutilized feature on the KYVL website that will help you with promoting and using the many resources of the Kentucky Virtual Library. Have you ever visited the Librarian’s Toolbox section of the KYVL website? If you haven’t, you really should give it a try!

Resources for YOU on this page include these types of items AND MORE:

  • Handouts
  • Training
  • Vendor resources
  • KYVL logos and colors

No matter what your favorite KYVL product is, you’ll find lots of materials to use and love. Save yourself some time and use these great resources to promote KYVL use in our schools!

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Meet KASL's Webmaster, Erin Weaver

When I first became a school librarian in 2008, I became a KASL member simply because it was cheaper to attend Summer Refresher that way and PD for librarians is a scarcity. Little did I know at the time that KASL would become the lifeline that I come to depend on for the rest of my library career.

When I was a freshman at Transylvania University, my education professor, Carol Spotts, told me that there was no need to reinvent the wheel when I could steal it off of someone else’s car. She was, of course, referring to using ideas from great teachers around you. KASL is full of fabulous librarians that will willingly share their wheels, jack up your car, and help you tighten the lugnuts when you need it.

Since my first Summer Refresher where I was wowed by the likes of ideas freely given by the likes of Becky Nelson, Melissa Gardner, and James Allen, I have been truly blessed by all that KASL has to offer. Lesson ideas, resources, advocacy ideas, copyright help, and more have flowed freely among KASL membership for my entire tenure.

It is my pleasure to currently serve KASL as webmaster. KASL’s website (kasl.us) is a warehouse of information for the Kentucky librarian. Not only does it house our KASL historical documents such as photographs and meeting minutes, but it has resources for mentoring, the Kentucky Bluegrass Awards, each district, advocacy resources, conferences, and more. I am thrilled to make your KASL website work for you. If there’s a resource you’d like to see added or something you’ve always wanted to see there, please let me know and I can make it happen!

Look for a new section to be added to our website soon! With the help of our Intellectual Freedom Chair, Donna Morris, I will be working on adding a new section to our website related to intellectual freedom.

Meet KASL's Communications Chair, Leslee Stewart!

Greetings to all of my fellow KY teacher librarians! I joined the KASL board eight years ago and have learned so much in that time. I have also made some fabulous relationships with some real library rock stars. I serve as the Communications chair and that means I work on all forms of media communication that KASL posts or shares. I also work with our fabulous membership chair Rhonda Bell to promote and get new members. Of all the projects I work on for KASL, Summer Refresher is my favorite. I love attending the Summer Refresher and knowing how much work goes into the planning and execution of the program makes it even more special to me. Another opportunity that KASL has given me is being able to serve in the KBA 6-8 readers committee for the last three years. I love working with this group of ladies and all the books we read and discuss for middle school readers across the state.

I will close with an explanation to my picture. When I host a book fair in my library, the regular Mrs. Stewart is transformed into the Book Fairee, complete with colored hair wig and inflatable wings. The Book Fairee visits King Middle School in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, every fall and spring when Mrs. Stewart hosts a book fair.

Meet Amanda Hensley, District President!

Hello! My name is Amanda Hensley, and I am the Eastern District (EKASL) President. I serve on the 9-12 KBA Reading Committee. I am also serving as the Summer Refresher Vendor Chair since the 2022 Summer Refresher will be in my hometown--Ashland, KY! I joined EKASL when I was in my first year as a librarian in 2016, then joined KASL in 2018 when I decided to attend the AASL conference in Louisville. I joined because it provided me with library-specific professional development and allowed me to connect to other librarians in my region and in the state.

As Eastern district's president, I do two main things: I serve on the KASL board at the state level, and I run EKASL at the local level. Both jobs allow me to maximize my education as a school librarian and learn/experience things that I would never get to do if I wasn't associated with KASL. Serving on the KASL board means that I attend all board meetings, provide a written report for my district and for the Summer Refresher Vendor Fair. As EKASL president, I correspond with all librarians in my district, especially those who are EKASL members. I organize our meetings, find guest speakers, and create our agendas. For the KBA committee, I read books--LOTS of them, and cast my vote as to whether I feel the books should be considered for the KBA nominee list.

I am the librarian at Greenup County High School, in Greenup, Kentucky, which is in the northeastern part of the state. My school has approximately 900 students. This is my sixth year in EKASL and second year serving as EKASL president. My true passion is serving on the KBA Reading Committee. I want to keep up with new YA books, but I know I would not do so if I didn't have a designated responsibility to do so. Being on this committee gives me a required amount of reading and due dates, so it keeps me reading the newest and best YA literature, which helps me recommend books to my students.

Meet Vicki Stoltz, District President!

My name is Vicki Stoltz. My entire career as an elementary school librarian has been in Shelby County. I began at Southside Primary in 1999 and moved to Clear Creek in 2005. I am currently president of 5th district School Librarians.

While I have always valued being a KASL member, over my many years as a school librarian, I have never become actively involved beyond the occasional appearance at 5th district meetings or attending annual KASL conferences. When the opportunity presented itself to lead as 5th district president I felt it was time to step up and become more actively involved. It has been a little over a year since I took on this leadership role. Within that time I have witnessed all the “behind the scenes” work that goes into maintaining and growing a strong state organization for school librarians. Attending KASL board meetings and webinars pertaining to our unique role in the school has led me to a greater appreciation of what KASL has to offer.

Mighty Network has been a valuable resource that has enabled me to connect with my peers on topics of interest. I have particularly benefited this current school year by participating in the Mentorship program. Social networking like Mighty Network has enabled me to connect with other librarians on a broader scale and to discuss timely concerns such as advocating for flexible scheduling, budget needs, and most recently censorship. In closing, I feel we all need our state librarian’s organization more than ever. Over the years KASL has become more proactive in reaching out to all state librarians in addressing our core values and indispensable role in schools.

In closing, I encourage you to check out the Advocacy Resources on the KASL website to see how you too can grow stronger as a library media specialist.

The first #KyLChat of the 2022 will be Tuesday, January 11, at 7 PM Central/8 PM Eastern!!! If you would like to volunteer to moderate this year please fill out this form. It is easy to join. Just search for #KyLChat Tuesday evening and make sure your Tweet replies include #KyLChat.


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KET, an awesome advocate for all KY school librarians, is again partnering with School Library Connection to make their articles, webinars, and self-paced workshops available for this ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR!

To access this awesome professional learning resource, visit School Library Connection, username “Kentucky” and password “libraries.” You will then need to select your school district from the list. If you have any questions, or just want to thank someone for this fantastic resource, please reach out to your regional KET consultant.

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KASL is the professional organization of all Kentucky School Librarians, a state affiliate of the Kentucky Library Association, and a national affiliate of the American Association of School Librarians and the American Library Association.