5.15 Weekly Update

2016 Pan American Academy Charter School

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This week I'm thinking about our collective, though remote efforts and feeling excited about the work we'll be able to do this summer because of the minutes and evenings and Saturdays that each of us are putting in now to prepare.

Miranda and Erica, have fun preparing together at weekend zero. Pan American may be the tiniest team but we'll be fully represented this weekend!

Also a welcome to our AMAZING SOM Kimber Mitchell! We are THRILLED to partner with you this summer and are eager to meet you!

Have a great week everyone!

Action Items

Team Call #2 (FYI)

Wednesday 5/18 from 7:30-9 is our next team call. We'll spend time going through the INV SLS you completed last week and start to think through visions for our respective roles. I'm looking forward to connecting all together!

Vision For your Role [60 min by COB 5/30]

Each CMA and Specialist will complete a vision customized to their role. We'll discuss the process for creating and revising these on our call this week. Please submit your draft vision by COB 5/30 to this folder (no need to email).

CMA Action Items

AWZ Session Rehearsal Tips

We have 100% CMA participation at AWZ! I emailed each of you some guidance around priority sessions for rehearsal time. I'm available lots of time this week if you have questions about specific sessions so don't hesitate to text/call.

ISAT Study Update [1.5-2 hours, email to your SD and Ebony by 5/30]

Hi CMAs! We’re excited to share your 2016 ISATs! You can now access your spring ISAT study assignments. The purpose of this ISAT study is to:

  • Equip you with a working understanding of the curricular tools we use for new teachers and students in summer school.
  • Get started preparing with them prior to week 0 so that ultimately you feel ready to coach and support CMs on them as they engage with these for the first time in the Tuesday, Week 1 session, and as you support CMs ongoing.

Action for you: Beginning on Tuesday, May 17thCOB

1. Click on this link to access your ISAT Study materials: https://sites.google.com/a/teachforamerica.org/philly-spring-work-2016/home/independent-instructional-exploration/isat-planning-part-1-getting-to-know-your-isat/isat-study-documents?pageReverted=2

2. Download the file entitled “2016 ISAT Study Assignments”

3. Find your name in column C.

4. Column H tells you which ISATs to study and column I tells you which worksheet to use. Note: you may need to use multiple worksheets.

5. Download the folder that contains your ISAT documents for this exercise:

  • All CMAs: download the ISAT study worksheets and blank ISAT calendar. Note there are four distinct worksheets.
  • All Elementary School CMAs: Download the contents in the elementary ISAT folder with your school’s name.

6. Study your ISAT and complete the ISAT Study Worksheets for each ISAT you are assigned.

7. Send the completed ISAT Study Worksheets saved according to the guidelines in the document to your SD and cc Ebony by 5/30.

Elementary ISATs: ensure you download your school’s folder.

From the IMT

Parking and Gym Passes [Optional Action by 6/3]

Parking and gym passes for this summer are available via the online “store” referenced below. Please place your orders by June 3rd so that they are activated in time for your arrival.


1. Go to https://www.tfainstitutestore.com/register.asp

2. Complete the registration fields to create a login and password.

3. Choose Philadelphia Institute at the top of the menu

4. Choose Summer Staff Members

5. Select the items you wish to purchase and proceed to checkout

· Staff parking pass for Liacouras Garage: $201.95

· Fitness Pass: $18.00. This is the cost of a gym pass for the duration of institute (a one-time fee). The gym hours are listed here: http://tinyurl.com/phillyinstgym.

If you have questions about the items or website, contact phillyinstitute@teachforamerica.org. If either of the links above aren’t working, copy and paste the address into your browser rather than clicking the link.

2016 Philly Phamily Facebook!! [FYI]

The 2016 Phamily Facebook page is up and running. Check out your team and other teams you will be working with this summer. If anyone on your team has not yet sent in their photo they can still send it to philly.institute@teachforamerica.org

Check it out! https://sites.google.com/a/teachforamerica.org/philadelphia-institute/2016-philly-phamily-facebook

Background Check/Clearance Paperwork [ACTION REQUIRED BY 5/22 COB, 30-120 MINS]

See the 4/24 Update for guidelines for clearance paperwork. Easy logistical piece that can cause headaches if not taken care of.

Accessing Soft Copy CMA Session Materials [CMAs, 10 minute download and review]

Hey CMAs! Here is info on accessing session materials that we referenced at ASC:

§ All of your session materials can be accessed in soft copy from a BOX folder document library. Here is the link: https://teachforamerica.box.com/s/n4th1i1p0uae9c17nvrzb7fbggpourxc

§ On this same site, you will also find a word document called 2016 Session List for CMAs which includes a list of sessions, details on which sessions apply to which schools and CMs, and dates when the sessions are likely to occur on the final calendars.

§ You will also receive session facilitation assignments from your SD, so make sure to take a look at those before you start prepping. We often pair CMAs for facilitation of larger sessions to decrease the number of sessions each person needs to prepare to lead and create opportunities for collaboration for staff and CMs.