How She Changed The World

By: Isabela Segovia

She Changaed Comics

When you think of comic-books or graph novels novels men pop into your head. Thats because for many years men have been know to be famous for their works of art. But what about the women who sacrifice almost everything so there voice can be heard and the truth about whats really happening to people will be revealed. Not all comic-books and graph novels have to be fiction some can be reality. Some women like Phoebe Gloeckner, Alison Bechdel, and Marjane Satrapi have been censored after they shared their coming of age stories.

Women's voices are being silenced by people who think that girls should stick to taking care of kids and painting there nails. But times have changed and women have become stronger by bracing the laws of society and everyones standers. She Changed Comics wont stand for this and they need your help. There goal is to tell the story of how women changed free expression in comics.


CBLDF is basely the creator of She Changed Comics. Right now they have about 728 backers and razed about $32,588 and there goal is $10,000.