Bobcat Bulletin

Staff Edition

October, 22nd

Keeping you Informed

Red Ribbon Week

Monday- Twin Day

Tuesday- Sunglasses Day

Wednesday- Wear Red

Thursday- Tie Dye

Teacher Planning Day

Wednesday is a Teacher Planning Day during the PLC time

Minimum Day Schedule Friday

On Friday students will be released at 1:10 pm. Friday is the last day of the First Quarter.

Release Lists

As a reminder, if you have an event that will require students to miss class time please get approval prior. Also, a release list will be required a minimum of three days in advance to notify the staff of students missing their class.

Goals and Objectives Meetings

Please make sure to set up a short 5-10 minute meeting with David or Greg to review your goals and objectives if you haven't done so already. All meetings must be completed by November 1.


Don't forget that YOU make and IMPACT every day!

Maintenance and Operations Meeting

I am doing a school walk through this afternoon with M&O. If there are any items you would like to see done (big or small) please let me know before 2 pm so I can add them to our list.

Favorite Drink

Please fill out this form with your favorite AM drink and PM drink (while at school :) )
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Calendar for October

October 22-26- Red Ribbon Week

Have a Great Week!