Shekeena Perkins


Where I'm from

I'm actually not from Delaware! However I have been here for six years. I'm from Queens, New York. That's right new York! I moved down here because our house burned down and we came here to live with my aunt. So instead of going back my mom decided to stay here. I miss it! I wanna go back..

My family!

The most important people in my life is my family. My mother died of cancer five years ago. I am the youngest of four children, My oldest sister's name is Rashida.. She's a barber. My second oldest sister's name is Dominique... She's a hairstylists. My brother is Greg... He 's a... well hes just my brother. Then there's me ! The baby of the family. I have three nieces and a nephew from ages 10,9,8,and 4

All about me

I'm 17. My birthday is December 17, I'll be turning 18 this year and i'm graduating in 2016. I'm super excited I've been waiting so long for this moment and now i'm finally here. My major is Visual Performing Arts and my collage is Humanities. I love love love singing and dancing. I actually hope that one day everyone will hear me sing all over the world. However I do have a backup plan. I also want to be a doctor, hopefully a pediatrician. i love working with kids and I absolutely adore healing people. I'm hoping I can get a chance to experience both Julliard and Yale, I think it would help to expand my knowledge. My mind is very bright as to what Mrs. Greenstein has told me base on the stories i have written in her class. However if your really really want to get to actually know. Tell me to write you a creative story, and I promise you that you will see exactly how creative my mind can get. I am a visual learner. However sometimes I do love hands on stuff.